Can't wait to ride



I am envious! listening to you guy's and girl's and your story's, sound's like you are all having much fun. Is there a law with push bike helmet's in the State's, i suppose it very's from state to state, cause i've seen some bad one's, 30mph plus with push bike's in my city. The poor sorry bike rider or the moped rider getting slammed by a parked car door. Just something that came to my mind this mourning.

Be Safe Ride Hard.....


In Alaska, there's no requirement for helmets on anything. At least if you're an adult.


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Sep 30, 2006
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Hey Churn,

The difference between plunking down a couple of grand for a moped, and building from scratch a bike may effect the safety factor...instead of tackling traffic at 50 mph, we go around the mess, pretty much un-noticed, at 30...

You have 360 degrees of vision, get in the habit of checking the mirror, find secret and scenic shortcuts, leave 10 minutes earlier but arrive 5 minutes late.

And you talk to a lot of strangers, b***sh** is a the language of the day.

You really get attached to the main ride, more like a horse than a vehicle.

Mine is Rocinante: "no longer a nag",


I sure am glad I was wearing my helmet last night. No, I didn't crash....I got caught in an incredible hailstorm. The stones ranged from slightly larger than golf balls to almost the size of baseballs. I somehow managed to make it back home with only a few direct hits to my arms and one on my back. The only damage to the bike was a broken taillight. My PT Cruiser was at a local garage for an oil change and a/c recharge...they left it outside and it looks like it went thru a war zone. I tried posting some pics of the aftermath of the storm, but I was unable to get them on. It was the first time I tried posting pics since the change in the forum format....maybe I was doing something wrong. Anyways, if the sky doesn't look great, slap on your helmet before getting on your bike.


if you think theres any possible chance ,that you might fall ,,someone might run into you , brake failure ,,may take a heart attack ,,tire could blow,,some kid run out in your path , hit loose gravel , hit the curve ,then i would say it would be wise to ware a helmet and gloves

and if you think its going to rain take a umbrella



:cool:my favorite safety equipment are my knee guards. i always fall on my knees. i've got the scrapes and scratches on my previous falls, and scrapes and scratches on one new kneeguard.
pedalling at 6mph, i think i don't need a helmet, gloves or kneeguards. motoring up to 30mph, i DEFINITELY need all my equipment.



my helmet is a ridiculous oversized schwinn adult bike helmet. it's so big and doofy looking that I rarely wear it. I plan on getting a better one soon, hopefully a skateboarding/kayaking style that covers the back of the head. My wife says I'll look like a match-stick or a light bulb, but I don't care. I'm also going to start wearing my right wrist guard and right knee pad from my skating days, because I tend to fall on my right side.