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    Hi fellas. Had my bike about a year now and I have really enjoyed it. Wanting more power, I took the exhaust pipe off a while ago for a little ride but it was just way to loud. Recently, I tried it without the cap that goes on the end of the pipe and it was awesome. Power and acceleration were great and it wasn't too loud. Anyway, I would like to keep it like this so I am wondering if I would have any problems doing so (or rather would the engine still run fine in a year I guess?)

    thanks for any help. Much appreciated

    btw it is a happy time

    Cheers, Jacob

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    Seriously? Anyone?
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    I have had all kinds of issues with the kit muffler but I am far from n expert. I don't see any way you could do any kind of harm to your engine running it as you are. If it works, it works!
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    one issue of not having the cap is loss of compression. the stock exhaust has a pipe (a wanna be baffle) going from the exhaust cap to the exhaust pipe in what should be the expansion chamber. to regain compression and still have the power cut the pipe off as close to the base of the cap on the inside of the cap. this will give you power, less loss of top end and better acceleration than stock. im calling it the happy medium.
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    the exhaust system has nothing to do with compression.
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    correction loss of back pressure.
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    Hello Jacob,

    There are many ways to fabricate your own end cap.

    you could buy a large washer, 2" diameter with a 1" inner diameter and just place that one with a 10mm nylon locking nut.
    - this would give you a lot of torque low end and will be slightly on the louder side but way quieter than no end cap.
    here is a video of the exhaust with the washer idea.

    A second idea for more quiet operation, but give up low end torque is to take a 2" tomato paste can and punch some holes 4-5 with a screw driver, and then place one pad of the dishwashing steel wool in it.
    this will make it quiet, but some loss of torque. then place over the muffler and screw one with 10mm nut.

    Here is a video of the tomato paste idea.

    Hope that helps!

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    Wow thanks that helps a lot.
    I ended up just drilling another hole in the cap but I will definitely have to look into those ideas.

    Cheers, Jacob
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  9. butre

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    back pressure is irrelevant at best and possibly detrimental without a tuned expansion chamber, exhaust velocity is all you're after with a standard muffler.