Capable 15 year old on the loose!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mattysids, Jul 29, 2009.

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    Hey everyone! I recently built a motorized bike and i've gotten hooked X-D. Being 15 I'm constantly looking for ways to work on this bike without access to tools more complex than a drill. This forum seems perfect for figuring things out!

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    Hey Matty, welcome. Saw your post in GD, another bay stater.
    Keep at it, sounds like you're a go getter. I wish I had a capable 15 yo with your interest as a neighbor. Sorry to say but the young folks that live near me don't appear to interested in very much at all.
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    Hi Matty. Welcome aboard.

    Sears used to carry a small drill press adapter for an electric drill - it had a base, column, spring-loaded rack/pinion mechanism, and a clamping mechanism that you used to clamp your hand drill in place. It was identical to this one.

    It gives you a lot more control when trying to precisely position a hole.

    I don't know if you can find them anyplace except EBay any more, but, if you can, it would be worth-while.

    Another alternative would be the Drill Guide, shown below. It could be clamped to the work piece before drilling...

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    Welcome to the forum. Great to see a young guy that will turn off the video games for a while and do something with his own hands.
    Motorized bikes are a great place to learn mechanical skills. Modern cars are very intimidating, as they contain complicated (and sometimes delicate) electronics.
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    Yeah it dose help out alot. Especially if your motorized bike is a 49 or 80cc 2 stroke kit.
    I'm only 14 by the way.
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    14 15 how cool is that. Glad to see you doing something besides mischief.

    For cheap tools, check out garage sales. Some times you can get some real bargains on good tools.
  7. mine is good,fast and cheap.