CaptJ frist build

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    CaptJ first build

    CaptJ first build. It's a Point Beach with a 48cc I love it. My first picture post using paint I'll get better the more I use it.

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  2. beast775

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    yup great build

    those bikes are made for motors great build.tank looks better now.
  3. wheelbender6

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    Let us know how that custom front motor mount holds up.
    Looks like it would absorb a lot of vibration.
  4. Huntington

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    Same bike I used for my first build. The only real problem I ran into where the wheels. They suck, I replaced the rear due to flats, had spokes break through the rim and pop my tube, that was with tire liner.

    The front is not much better, had about 100miles on it, was on a ride, heard a squealing noise. The **** front hub was coming loose.

    I ended up making a custom suspension fork and got a cloud 9 seat, made the ride much smother.

    Watch out for them wheels CaptJ
  5. CaptJ

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    I appreciate the heads up on the wheels I'll keep an eye on them.
  6. CaptJ

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    wheelbender6, I bought the custom front motor mount from HOME DEPOT. I was walking around the store and there it was, a short 2"x 2" x 12" Oak Table Leg. Cost $2.00
    I cut 3"L x 1 3/4"H and inlayed the three hole mount that came with the kit.
    The hardwood should last a long time I think it'll out last me. Haha!