Car acessories that don't exist which should

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  1. Parah_Salin

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    So, what are some reasonably simple acessories/features that you'd like to have availible from the factory in a modern car? This can be serious, silly, whatever.

    I'll start:
    -Dashboard hookah with 6 bowl changer. A hookah that is mounted in the dashboard run off engine heat, with auto water fill, auto water dumping, 6 bowls for different flavored tobbaccos on a wheel that rotates like a CD changer, and AC pumped around the glass to keep the water cold. There would be several hoses on retractable wheels, and a clip on the steering wheel so the driver could have easy acess to theres so they can focus on driving
    -Separate left and right handbrakes. So you can be dumbass and pull way to sharp turns with ease
    -Easily changable apulstery covers, just have everything attach with clips or zippers so that upgrading to leather, or just giving an old car a "new" feal would be cheap, quick, and easy.
    -Easy acess dashboard, make repair quicker, cheaper, easier
    -USB port for the engine computer and a disk with a user friendly tuning software.
    -Dashboard coffee maker. Buying coffee is way more of a rip off than buying gas.
    -AC Generator run directly off the engine as an option in trucks with a box in the back full of plugs, and have a voltage controller so you could run a welder off it, power a house for a short period of time, power normal 120 volt apliances, etc... Be great for camping or a construction job.
    -Big Red Button marked "do not press". Dosn't matter what it does. But it should be there.

  2. Hajuu

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    Haha, legendary.

    The only car accessory I can think of that I ever wanted, which I made already, is an in car wireless media server. I put a mount for my phone on the dash and instantly I have a removable gps, streaming dvd/downloaded movie player, all my music, and full internet (8mbit a second wireless) via the onboard computer in the boot.

    Also features ipod/usb thumb drive support from the console, streaming digital stills/video from the phones camera, and anything else you can think of.

    Another cool thing I saw once was separate drive trains for front and rear tyres, allowing the car to go sideways with two drivers xD
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    My truck has an oversized battery and oversized alternator with a 300watt inverter hidden somewhere for 120V ac output and 2 outlets in the truck bed. (No welder option though. :( ) All of it is factory standard equipment.

    As for what I would want:
    Front, rear, and side color cameras with sound and an on board DVR to record exactly what that idiot did to cause an accident. Of course it would need a record pause button for when I test out the latest mod to my engine, which I test in an industrial park, after hours, no traffic or innocent bystanders around. Gotta play it safe when you wanna get stupid!
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  4. Hajuu

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    haha, my car also came with an inverter, for which the regular alternator is more than sufficient to power.. just a little dihatsu applause though, no idea why it came with one. Definitely not stock lol.
  5. shawnshank

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    I'd like to hae a car that can separate into two motorcycles so when u have someone with you and u hit traffic, flip a switch, break in two and start weaving in and out of traffic.
  6. Stan4d

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    I just want them to follow through on the hover-car they promised me as a kid. That was so wrong....all those news reels of hovercars and helocopter cars that were supposed to be in full use in the 21st century....all I got was a mini-van.
  7. give me vtec

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    LOL... that is too funny. I would feel the same way if I grew up in the post-war 50's.
  8. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member are three decades off.
  9. Hajuu

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  10. give me vtec

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    right... how am I supposed to know your age??? Your talking about hovercars... where there promises of hovercars in the 70's and 80's I didnt know about???
  11. give me vtec

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    LOL... I actually have the red button and the usb port. I would put the hooka in but I think that would encourage bad driving.

    I like the red button, it trips people out the first time they see it... they always ask the question. Sometimes I get all serious and tell them

    "whatever you do, do not touch the red button"

    Sometimes I just laugh, but I always tell them the truth afterwards...

    I took apart my garage door opener and rewired it to the red button.



    the program used to calibrate the ecu is called kmanager and is available from hondata. I took it to church's and Shawn himself tuned it. It makes a little over 220whp and is capable of successfully competing with other stock 350z's, evo's, rotary's, and gt mustangs. I think you would be surprised at how fast you can make a stock internal 2.0 liter honda.
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  12. Stan4d

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    Yes....along with the Jet packs and bionics. Most action shows were based on technology that never made it off the ground.
    Like the button in your car. I may have to do that.
  13. I'd like a 2 seater car that telescopes longer into a 4, 6, or 8 seater, as needed.
  14. SimpleSimon

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    Kind of strange too read that.

    I have been working on a city runabout/personal cargo hauler hybrid design for months. As I have designed it, it is running a 950cc diesel engine to power two systems, either independently, or simultaneously. As a city runabout it is a two seater coupe with a very short wheel base, and with front wheel drive. Stop, shift into neutral, and engage a key switch - it stretches into an open topped box body behind the enclosed cab with a 3.5 ft wide by 5 foot long cargo box space, powered by the front wheel drive and engaging the onboard electrical augmentation power to each rear wheel. I'm aiming at a 750-1,000 pound payload capacity. As a cargo hauler, it will be speed limited to 55 mph - as a city runabout it will be capable of 75 mph for freeway use.

    The trickiest part is the variable geometry front suspension, too accommodate two distinct wheelbase lengths.

    There's a guy here in town who builds custom vehicles - mostly show/parade type cars, but some that are daily drivers as well. We get together every couple of weeks to discuss this project.
  15. will_start

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    what about some sorta toilet/shower, fridge, stove and a fold out table and chairs.
    i just realised, maybe i just want the campervan. lols
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  16. Hajuu

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    Candy dispenser built right into the dash with glass storage bulb above dash
  17. Hajuu

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    Front display overlay featuring natural eye attraction techniques to draw to danger or activity areas.

    Huge, custom multitouch high vibrance display that encorporates all gauges and controls including stereo.

    Front-mounted display projectors as bright on lowbeam as regular lights, maybe the same behind.

    A car that starts out metal at the front, fades to semi-transparent material towards the rear of the engine and clear in the front of the cabin before fading back go opaque at the back - eg: you'd be able to see the engine from within the car through the clear dash and bonnet.

    Wheelbase lighting.

    A hand-controlled vehicle capable of automatic loading and unloading of passengers in wheelchairs without needing wheelchair storage etc.

    Variable tint windows

    A self-pulling trailer system capable of 4x4 travel hauling a trailer, at speeds equal to a car, entirely unassistedly following your car. (Eg: load and drive off and it follows you)

    Tyres able to adjust their tread in response to the current driving state/conditions.
  18. give me vtec

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    hope you have a good job... cause that car would cost a fortune to produce, and I'm sure they wouldn't give that technology away for free.
  19. Stan4d

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    I think a button that when pressed spray paints the nearest car with the words "Caution, I am a dumba**."
    This would also prevent alot of road rage.
  20. give me vtec

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    I dont see how that could do anything but cause road rage.