Car vs Motorized Bike: Case Closed...!

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  1. mikaleno

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    Well my accident of a year and a half ago with a car has finally settled.

    I was commuting to work in the bike lane, the traffic was jammed and stopped. I came to a cross street with a gap in the stopped traffic and a car shot out in front of me without looking. I didn't know what had happened until I was flying over the top of this guy's car and landed in the street, (no I wasn't wearing helmet). I got a nice cut by my eye and on the palm of my hand. When the ambulance showed up I passed out and they put me on a gurney and took me to U.C.L.A. medical. I was cut and bruised but OK, nothing broken.

    So got a bicycle lawyer and away we went. His insurance wouldn't settle the case right away so it finally went to meditation and settled yesterday. Some insurance co.'s settle right away with a case like this and some don't, namely the big three. So I got a few quid out of it, and I'm glad it's finally over.

    Morel of the story: Be very careful around heavy traffic, go slow and keep your eye's pealed. Watch out for cross streets, people are always doing fast hair brained moves.........Oh yeah, and always wear your "DOT" approved Helmet, (they made me promise at the Hospital).

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    Hey Mike -- been there -- glad it's over for you --- Thank God you didn't get killed -- and grateful they had some insurance... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    Thanks' Mountainman,

    You're so right! I'm glad it's over! Get up, dust off, ride on!
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    Glad you are all right... Hope the settlement was financially enough to get you another MB....... (carefull out there)
  5. mikaleno

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    I took the HT engine out of the wreaked bike and put it in my OCC StingRay you see here. Still runs great! I got enough $'s to buy about 10 MB's.

    Yes, slower and more careful now....
  6. mac66

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    One has to be very careful out there.

    My brother was riding down the street on his bike a few years ago past a industrial park driveway when he saw a truck pulling up to enter the roadway. He slowed down, yelled at the driver to get his attention and looked the driver right in the eye as passed in front of the truck. The driver wasn't going fast, maybe 5 or 6 mph but simply looked right past and hit him.

    My brother was knocked clear but the bike was smashed. He did crack his bike helmet but otherwise he was just bruised and battered. He had a lawyer send a letter and copy of the police report, to the trucking company and they sent him a check for $3,000 to cover his bike, torn clothes etc.
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  7. mikaleno

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    Hmmm, doesn't the trucking co. have an insurance carrier? I wonder how they arrived at that figure?

    Best not to talk to anybody after being involved in an accident, and get a bicycle lawyer fast.
  8. mac66

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    I think the lawyer suggested that amount would cover my brother's expenses, damages, bangs and bruises, My brother was pretty sore for a few days and he missed a few days of work and did not have sick days. He also was checked out by doctor and didn't have medical insurance at the time. The lawyer happened to be a friend of mine and didn't charge anything to write the letter though it was offered.

    I think the trucking company realized that their driver was negligent and that there was a potential for a long term medical problems if my brother had been hurt or if injuries (bad back etc) surfaced later. If my brother had been more injured or less honest, he would have taken them to the cleaners. He was not and fortunately no other injuries occurred. His settlement was fair.
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    Yup same thing happens on motorcycles. The drivers look right thru you so you think they see you. Im thinking a pulsing white led for the front and red led for the back might be status quo. Many of the motorcyclers up here have adopted the flashing headlamp because the season is so short drivers arent trained to look for bikes. I had 6 motorcycles at one time and I sold em all because I had 1 or 2 close calls every time I rode. Even if it was only a 10-20 mile ride.
  10. bluegoatwoods

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    I've noticed that the drivers also become more dangerous when you're riding in conditions where they don't expect to come across someone on two wheels. Something like the Alaskans and motorcycles. Maybe and early December snowfall. I've seen it so many times it makes me mad; the "What-do-I-do?", panicked look on their faces as they swerve at you.

    Lights can help. But they also seem to confuse a lot of cagers, too.

    I'd guess that three quarters of the danger to two wheelers could be eliminated if the drivers would just operate their machines like grown-ups. It's a cryin' shame.
  11. ibdennyak

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    Your brother sounds like a lucky and fine person. Thankfully he wasn't injured more severely, and may Karma smile on him for being satisfied with fair compensation.