Carb and stall problem... Please help.

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    I cant post in the 2 stroke forum yet. So I will try here for now.
    Here is my problem.

    I bought a new engine off ebay. It is a slant head with the carburater that is mounted closer to the engine. (closer than the last engine I had)

    But anyways,
    I built the bike. I did put a fuel filter on it in line.
    I also (before I started the engine for the first time)
    Put a lid-full of 2 stroke oil in the hole where the spark plug goes.

    (This was suggested in the operating manual online for "spooky sprocket" company.)

    So, the bike will run (fairly well) for about 1 minute. Then it will stall.
    It stalls ( I think) because I have the carburator gas flow button turned horizontally. But If I turne it vertically, gas steadily comes out of the tube.

    I have tried to look at the the needle and the spring. But I dont know what to look for.

    I also was going to take the carburator off. But one of the two nuts holding the carburator onto the engine is mounted flush to the air breather.

    So there is no way I can get any tool around the edge of the nut to grip it out.

    I really dont want to have to order another carb, since this is brand new.

    Let me know if you can help me. I would be greatly appreciated!

    Im still learning as I go.
    Also, there is gas coming out of the overflow tube.
    So I was

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    I would like to ad that, right before the engine will stall. It will idle real high for 2 seconds..
    then it dies.

    It also ran for a good 10 minutes in the beginning. But now it will stall out after about 1 minute of running.