Carb Idle problems

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    (also, does anyone know where to get an exploded view of the carb for a HT 80cc, i tried serching but got nothing)

    I had to replace my throttle cable recently on my little HT 80 (never let friends with lead..erm...wrists..borrow your motorbike)...I had never taken apart the carb so i didnt know what to expect, but once i unscrewed the cap to get to the end of the cable, i found out it wasnt too complicated. After fiddling around with the ***intert name of cylendrical object that the throttle cable lifts to allow more fuel and air to pass through***, and cursing at it countless times i finally got it on right, or so i thought. When i started it, the throttle was really rough, and there was no idle speed at all, when i let off the throttle it stalled. I made sure the barrel was in right, so that the slanted end would rest on where the idle screw was. Im not sure whats wrong. Could anyone help me out? And does anyone know where i can find an exploded view of the carb?

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    nothing? ok um, maybe i should rearrange the question?

    what should one do to replace the throttle cable in the carb? That little golden needle with the e-clip on it, how is that supposed to be placed? maybe i could have done that wrong? Should the e-clip be under the U shaped washer? im not sure what to do, and getting that spring on it was a pain, so i dont want to take it apart unless i know what to do to fix it. I know its something i did, the motor ran perfect just before i took out the cable.

    I know theres people on here that know this motor way more than i do...

    heres some pics of what its like now, if that helps any....

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    My carb may be different but the needle with the clip goes into the slide. Mine has a washer that fits over the short end of the needle and sits on the clip. Then the W shaped spring keeper fits over the washer. Then you have to play with the spring and cable to finish the install. Hope this made sense to you.

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    Thanks biken stins, wonder why that didnt show up when i searched? and thanks RdKryton for the help as well...

    Ill take it apart once more and assemble it based on how its described on the other thread...cant wait to get it running right again.
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    Got it fixed thanks to the info provided...rusn good as new...turns out i put the needle in the wrong way, so it wasnt stopping the barrel from closing off the fuel and air ports completely, thats why i had no idle.....