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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Whizzer 58, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Whizzer 58

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    Hi gang, I'm enjoying riding my Whizzer all over the place, it has 623 miles on her now and it's been running great. I do have a small problem, the idle is too low, I have it screwed all the way in and it seems to run out of thread. I took off the spring and it will only go in so far and stop, it dosen't go all the way in. Should the thread go all the way through the carb body? Thanks for all the help in the past or I would not have this bike running at all. Regards, Ed

  2. RdKryton

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    It sounds to me like the mixture screw may be out of adjustment. If you have the 22mm carb the mixture screw controls the air at an idle. Turning the screw CW will make the mixture richer while turning the screw CCW will lean the mixture. Try adjusting the screw for max rpm at an idle and see if it gives you the rpm's your looking for. Start at 1.5 turns out from full CW and go from there. Good luck.

  3. Whizzer 58

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    I tried the mixture screw and it had little effect, I'm really talking about the idle screw, I have it screwed all the way in and the only way it will run is if I have it on the center stand.......Ed
  4. RdKryton

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    The mixture screw should have a big effect on the idle. I know you were talking about the idle speed screw. Because you could not set the idle correctly I thought the mixture screw was out of adjustment. Maybe Bill, or Mike, or Quenton can help with this issue.

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    If the air bleed screw isn't doing anything then the passageway in the carb is probably plugged and needs cleaning.
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    Hi guys If your main jet is to large it will over run the system and can do what your describing . what size main jet do you have and what is the altitude where your at.. bill
  7. Whizzer 58

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    The main jet is #80 and I'm at 580 ft. above sea level. the bike is a 2000 WC-1...Ed
  8. bill green

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    Hi sorry to say on the wc1 carb im not sure You sould pm quenton on this he would have a better answer.. Bill
  9. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Whizzer 58, Your main jet is too large, unless your motor has been modified [best to leave the WC-1 motor stock]. Try a #76. Advance the camshaft on the WC-1 motor one tooth to reduce the carbon buildup.

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    Thanks Quenton, I'll see if I can find a local dealer around here if they have some jets. Thanks again........Ed