Carby Carb is leaking

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by VROOM, Feb 5, 2012.

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    From the little overflow tube badly. I took it apart and its all new inside. The floats are empty and move freely on the pin. I also pushed the little tab on the floats up a little to engage the valve a little sooner and it still leaks.
    I'm going to try some compressed air and maybe some carb cleaner when I take it apart again tomorrow. Any suggestions? Pictures would be great.
    I searched the forum and didn't find what I was looking for. Thank you.
    My bike kicked the chain somehow today and ripped it in two. So I will be down for that repair for now anyway...:confused:

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    normally, if the carb is leaking out of the overflow tube, that means that the float is set too high.
    OR, there could be something in the needle & seat causing it not to close all the way.
    the needle & seat is the little valve that opens whrn the float drops and closes when the float is raised.
    all it would take is a TINY peice of debris to get in there, and it would cause the carb to flood over.
    A lot of times with these carbs (n.t. carbs anyway) the float will get cocked sideways and wedged so that it won't close the needle & seat all the way.
    But since you say that you had it apart already this is probably not the case.
    another thing is what angle is your engine at?
    if the engine is not level, the carb won't be level, and it will flood over and leak out of the overflow tube.
    **I just went and looked at the pics of your bike and engine***.
    It looks like your engine is at too much of an need to raise the front of the engine, and lower the rear of the engine to get the carb level. It looks like the carb is at too much of a forward angle, which could be causing it to leak out of the overflow tube.

    As for the chain coming off....Is your chain alignment right?
    if your chain is running at a slight angle, it will come off.
    Look at the bike from the rear, and eyeball the chain from rear to front.
    Make sure it's in a straight line.
    If it isn't you'll have to figure out how to make it run in a straight line.
    You could also have had a bad link, or a stiff link in the chain.
    these chains aren't the bst quality, and if you don't go through the chain link by link to check them for being tight, it might break.
    did you libe the chain once you put it on?
    the lube that comes on these chains is only to keep rust from forming on them while they sit in the box. you should lube the chain with a spray lube, or grease...NOT wd-40. WD-40 is not really a lubricant.
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    ive always found it pays to run a 3 mm drill (1/8) down the brass fitting, then deburr (by hand) the seat with a 4 or 5...

    havent had one yet that was burr free from the box...
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    Thanks for the replies. I will try shimming the motor to get it streight. I will also check to make sure the chain in the proper orientation.
    Im not sure what brass fitting your talking about but if shimming doesnt fix it i will look into that more.
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    Carb is now level but still leaking. I got the chain replaced. I might have had it too lose. I guess I will get it looked at tomorrow. I want it tuned too and I'm clueless as of yet with these 2 stroke carbs.
  6. So small jetting and the welds in the tank..Check to make sure gunk or a flake of paint did not get into the jet..I thinking that's my problem..