Carb leaking gas

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by ren, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. ren

    ren Guest

    A friend of mine has a 2008 Whizzer NE5 that is completely stock, no modifications. The carb leaks gas from the rubber hose coming from the bottom of the carb when he tries to start the bike. The bike is hard to start and wants to die when riding it. Is the float out of adjustment or could it be something else? The bike isn't rode much and has only 140 miles on it. I haven't looked at it yet, he just told me about it this morning. I thought I would check the carb adjustment screws first. Our elevation here is about 1000 feet, temps in the 70's and humidity is about 60%. Any ideas would be appreciated.


  2. Overflow hose

    Hi if you are talking about the hose on the bottom of the carb, that is the overflow hose.

    This is saying that either the float is too high (set it at 22mm I believe) or that a piece of foreign matter has got into the needle and seat and has held the needle open to flood the carb.

    Yes it will run poorly that way if at all.

  3. ren

    ren Guest

    set float

    Yes it is the overflow hose that the gas is coming from. I know how to access the float, but where do I measure to set the proper level? I'm also aware of the float bowl O-ring swelling upon removal.


  4. Float adjustment

    Hi Ren, first thing to check inside is did the float get to leaking and has gas inside, if not, then adjust by measuring from surface of the carb body to top of float when held upside down.
    I have also seen a float come unsoldered and fall off, causing flooding.

    And of course the needle and seat clean etc.

  5. ren

    ren Guest


    Thanks Mike, It'll be a few days before I can look a it. I will post the outcome here. Thanks again.

  6. go-rebels

    go-rebels Member

    If the bike ever ran well, I suspect that a piece of chipped paint is now interfering with the float valve. You'll need to remove the carb and give it a good cleaning. I had the same problem with my carb and the cleaning did the trick.

    I also removed my tank and rinsed the contents to remove any foreign matter. I'd also take a shop rag and drag it around the gas cap opening to dislodge any other paint that might be peeling.
  7. ren

    ren Guest

    Thanks go-rebels, my buddy has not brought me the bike to look at yet. I will let you all know the outcome when I get the bike.
  8. cycledude

    cycledude Member

    I would also check the carbs fuel level.
  9. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Float level on the 22 MM is 22 MM.

    A few 22 MM carburetors have metal floats and the float hits the bottom of the bowl, but the symptom is running out of gas at high speeds, not overflow.

    Install a good inline filter to stop the paint chips from the tank from entering the float chamber.

    Have fun,
  10. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    I've got fuel bowl overflow too!

    The last two times I started Oscar, I noticed fuel running out of the overflow tube, so I lightly rapped on the bowl with a small hammer and that stopped it, probably by re-seating the float needle in the carb supply line.

    I have a fuel filter in the line, so it probably isn't contamination.

  11. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Hal,

    I wouldn't rule out small particles lodged in the float valve & set causing the problem. If a Whizzer [or many other motors with small carbuetors] sits for a while the fuel evaporates it can and will leave residue behind.

    I always add a little Gummout carburetor & fuel injection cleaner to my fuel to keep the passages cleaner in the carburetor.

    Have fun,
  12. ren

    ren Guest

    I want to thank everyone for the ideas here, still haven't seen the bike yet, but I will. I'll keep you posted.

  13. ren

    ren Guest

    I finally got my hands on the 08' Whizzer yesterday. Here's what I found so far. Fuel filter full of crud, so I took the fuel tank off the bike and the fuel shut off apart and rinsed and cleaned both. Took the carb off and disassembled it, found the float full of fuel and more crud inside the carb so I cleaned the carb also. I have a fuel filter and float on order from Quenton and will continue this when they arrive.

  14. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    We love pictures...
  15. ren

    ren Guest

    Oops, I knew that. I was so excited to get to work on another Whizzer I didn't think about pictures, sorry. Nothing to take pictures of now except clean parts. I'll try to do better next time.

  16. ren

    ren Guest

    I might have failed to mention that I have the only two Whizzers in my small town of 8,000 people, in my garage right now. My 2007 and my buddies 2008 that I'm working on now. Thanks to this forum and you great guys I can work on these fun machines!

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  17. ren

    ren Guest

    Got the 2008 Whizzer back together yesterday. The dirty fuel, and gasoline heavy float were the problem. After some adjustments on the carb, it starts and runs great. While ridding it I found more issues. The worst being the front forks, they make a loud bang (metal to metal) when rebounding back to full extension. They seem fine on compression, nice and firm and smooth. Don't know if one or both shocks are low on oil or what, there isn't any sign of a leak anywhere. Also there is an exhaust leak where the pipe fits into the manifold. The set screw is tight and the pipe is not able to move. Also the speedometer light isn't working. It is a yellow wire that is supposed to be plugged into a yellow wire in the harness but it is plugged into a black wire. I unplugged the yellow wire and put 12 volts to it and the speedo light works. After testing the black wire that the yellow wire was plugged into I find that it is not hot, key on or off, must be a ground. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  18. Whizzer Wiring and forks

    Hi Ren, the black wires are ground, and the yellow wire needs to be in a yellow socket. Take youe front cover off the forks, locate the yellow, and test with VOM to see that it is hot with key on, off with key off.

    Forks can be adjusted by using Hydrolic jack oil, poured in from the chrome bolt's hole on the top of the fork. You can use up to 4oz per side. you may want to "dipstick" both sides with a welding rod or other thin wire that will slide down into the bottom of the fork leg to see that both sides are even oil level.

    Be SURE that you choose a dip-stick that is long enough to stick well out the top of the fork so you eliminate the chance of dropping it inside the fork leg.

    Hope this helps,

  19. ren

    ren Guest

    Thanks Mike, I'm going to work on it some more tomorrow. I'll post my findings.

  20. ren

    ren Guest

    Finished my friends 08 Whizzer yesterday. The front forks needed a total of 8 oz. of oil to make them right, took the exhaust pipe and manifold apart and used high temp silicone in the manifold to seal the exhaust leak, and the yellow wire for the speedo light is now where it belongs. The bike is running great and everything is working as should, for now.