Carb or Expansion Chamber?

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Speed Carb or Expansion Chamber?

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  1. steelfan41

    steelfan41 Member

    I am wanting more low end "oomph" without changing from my 44t gear. Should I put a speed carb or expansion chamber on first? I am going to put both on as $$ allows, just wandering which you would buy first. BTW it's going on a 66cc HT if that matters.
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  2. The_Inventor

    The_Inventor New Member

    I would go for the expansion chamber as it will give a performance boost for a fairly good price.
  3. nvmextc

    nvmextc New Member

    Expansion chamber gives a completely different ride, heaps of low end power, no more pedaling up hills.
  4. retromike3

    retromike3 Member

    expansion chamber

    one of the best things I did for my motor bicycle was to get an expansion chamber. It seems to effectively double my horse power, although it does limit the power band a bit.

    the next thing I did was to get a higher gear. I got a 36 rear cog which gave me a good bit more speed and I think my gas milage went up a bit.

    I had good luck with the guys at Sick Bike Parts, if you read there reviews they consistently get high marks and Paul is a honest man.

    good luck

  5. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    The expansion chamber will give you the best bang for your buck. (i got one from spooky tooth, which i beleve is no longer in business)
    BUT, don't expect to just bolt it on and get top performance, because there will be some carb tuning involved to get the engine to run at it's peak potential with an expansion chamber. you can just bolt it on and it will run better and have more power, but the air-fuel mixture may get leaned out a bit after adding it.
    Add a good quality high flow air filter, an expansion chamber and take your time jetting the stock carb and you won't need to buy an aftermarket carb.
  6. steelfan41

    steelfan41 Member

    Awesome, thanks so much for the tips!
  7. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    Expansion Chamber, If you can try get the SBP one as it port matched already and all you need to do is match the alloy gasket (which comes with the chamber) to the chamber which will give your engine a smoother flow of air/gases.

    Speed carby can wait lol. after you get the carby. Get the billet intake manifold. They rule!!
  8. steelfan41

    steelfan41 Member

    Got the intake already! :grin5: