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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by wan37, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. wan37

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    I have a CNS carb which starts so easy but the mounting thing is junk.I can't get my NT carb to start very easy,so what I'm doing wrong.I like things about both of them.The cns is great but it just moves around too much for me.So I would rather use the NT carb but it's very hard to start with it.Anybody tell me why and how can I fix that?Thanks

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    I prefer the NT carburetor, won't have anything with the junk CNS. On your CNS you can mount it to a billet intake and there is no bushing to deal with.
    I due to heart problems only peddle 15-20' to start my engine...Throttle body as a starting fluid is my friend. I drilled a small hole on the left side of my filter cover and give it a very short squirt, and off I go. Starts on the first try every time.
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    My n.t. carb equipped engines start EVERY TIME within a 10-15 foot roll down my driveway. I don't even have to use the choke if it's warm out.
    I don't even have to use the primer button to get them started.
    if they are tuned right, the n.t. carbs can be very reliable and can make your engine run very well.
    they aren't the best designed things and the float could be a whole lot better, but once you get them tuned right, they work great.
    I tried a cns on one of my bikes and i actually lost some top speed with it and it never quite ran right no matter what i did to it.
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    It finally start but it wears me out trying to pedal start it with the nt carb.when it starts I have to try to keep it running with revs then it finally smooths out and goes then...I would love to get it lined out so any help would be good thanks.
  5. motorpsycho

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    well, re-jetting the carb is a big thing with the nt carbs.
    it's all trial and error because no 2 engines will run the same.
    what works for one engine, may not work for another identical engine.
    the weather (humidity and average temp) have a lot to do with it as well.
    it almost sounds like maybe your float is set too high causing excess fuel to puddle in the throat of the carb causing it to be getting too much fuel on start up. this would definitly make it hard to start. but normally if the float is set too high, fuel will be coming out of the overflow tube before it would puddle in the carb throat.
    have you checked your air filter lately? are you running the stock filter?
    of so, try starting it with the filter and filter assembly removed and see what happens. the stock filters and housings are terrible.
  6. wan37

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    I will try that tomorrow taking air filter off,but that sound like you could be right about the gas loading up,motor.I can get it started but when do I have to lightly gas with small rev then it starts to clear up and run good then.thanks
  7. geebt48cc

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    Yeah, the cns is bad news. Look into the "Speed NT"
  8. HeadSmess

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    yeah, nt all the way...

    usually the nt is easy start, prime if needed, whop, pop, its going instantly.

    set toooo lean and they get hard to start. i was at the point of over 100 metres before firing. though boy did it go when running!

    but a quick prime always made it start instantly :)

    so. dismantle it, clean it. easy.

    reassemble, check fuel level in bowl. adjust if needed.

    try hitting the tickler and priming it. not usually needed. if it is, its lean. try raising the needle a notch. or two. failing that, rejet...

    it can be hard to tune one to achieve easy starting AND decent mids and highs. theres things that affect it such as exhausts...

    if priming doesnt get it to fire straight away, or it only really starts when spun fast...start sniffing around the ignition area instead..

    and flooding will of course be easily seen by turning it over, and pulling the plug before its actually started. wet plug = flooded = fix carb
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    okay I found I had the air filter little insert in wrong on stock filter,I thought that would fix the hard starting because it block the choke nut on the back of carb.So I pull the carb off and also check float.I put it back on and boom she fired right up every time all day.So I thought about letting it set for a couple hrs and then try again,It wouldn't start for nothing,this is frustrating me.So I can take it back off and put it back on wow it starts easy again.It sure seems like it's loading the carb with fuel but it's not over flowing.I also shut the fuel valve of when not riding.This nt carb is got me confused.So any idea's?
  10. Al.Fisherman

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    One moment (first post) you mention you had a CNS carburetor, then on your last post you have a NT carburetor. Well, what do you have?
  11. wan37

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    I think I listed both in the first post.