Carb sealing & Octane

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    What are symptoms of the carb not being sealed when attached to intake manifold?I'm running a Grubee 66/80 and I think it runs ok,but being new at motorbikes I probably wouldn't know the differance.Differant subject,should I use low octane gas or higher octane?

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    89 octane... dont need anything higher.

    Intake can leak in two places... basically on both ends. I would get a set of Allen screws and a carb o-ring from sick bikes. Use the allen screws in place of the stock studs... the carb o-ring goes in between the carb and intake tube. Tighten everything down very good.
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    symptoms of a leak are; four stroking at high rpm's, odd idle characteristics, and an excessively lean combustion evidenced by a white tipped spark plug instead of a nice tan. After long exposure, the excessively lean conditions can wreak havoc on your engine.

    I would just make the improvements i recommended so you don't have to even worry about it. If you need help getting the stock studs out send me a pm and I will help you.
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    No, a lean mix will not cause 4-stroking. That's a sign of a rich air/fuel mixture. The rest is right. Don't confuse the poor guy.

    Further to this, an 'O' ring butted up against the end of the inlet tube will not necessarily ensure a good seal, although it certainly helps.
    First ensure that the inlet/cylinder gasket is sealing properly, with or without allen-head screws.
    Then spend 30 minutes doing this.
    Now you can tune the carb with confidence. Each time you put it together it will be the same.

    ... Steve
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    I saw that... its my next project. Very good job/idea.
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    I was apprehensive when I started, but it's surprisingly easy to file a good groove. The nearer to the end of the tube, the better.

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    Four Stroking

    At the chance of sounding ignorant,what's four stroking.Bear with me guys.
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    A 2-stroke engine '4-strokes' when the fuel/air mix is way too rich. The engine tends to fire every second revolution instead of every time.

    See this thread. There's a link to a YouTube video that illustrates 4-stroking very well:-

    NT Carb Tuning Basics

    ... Steve
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    This is how I have mine sealed up.