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    DSC00001.JPG I have a leak in one of my petcocks "1 go's to tank, the other go's to carb". The 1 that go's to carb is the one that leaks. There is no way to fix it . It is pitted and has deep gouges in it. I want to eliminate it if I can. My questions are -1: Is it necessary to have two petcocks? -2:Is there an adapter or something I can replace it with,
    such as a 5" piece of gas line with a hose clamp at both ends? I will send photos. Also I went to a place that does gas powered bike conversions. They had moved out a couple months ago, but the new owner had a box of parts they left behind. Inside was a brand new petcock which he gave to me. Unfortunately it wasn't the one I needed but figured maybe I could make it work. I'll send a photo of that as well. I guess what I would like to try is using the gas line with 2 hose clamps. Any advice would be appreciated. -3:I have another problem with a missing idler screw. Someone in this group sent me photos and said they are very hard to find. He knew what he was talking about. Either him or someone else mentioned that it's possible to make one. I'm fairly good at that sort of thing, and after looking at the photos it looks very possible, but I would need the dimensions of the screw and maybe what the tip angle is and I think he mentioned something about it being rounded at the tip and maybe the tension of the spring. Maybe compare the spring in a ball point pen or something we might use in everyday life. A ball point pen spring obviously would be way to weak, but I think it gives someone an idea about what I'm saying. I'm new to this group and I just bought this bike. So I hope I'm in the right forum asking the right question and that my post is not too long and I'm using proper newsgroup etiquette etc.

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    Hey bob where do you live I will send you my old carb
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    You can get a brand new NT carb for about 10 bucks on eBay. It's not the same carb you have but it is what usually comes with most engine kits.

    Or you could take Rob up on his offer :)

    But honestly, I would just get a new carb. That's just me though.
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    Rob, that's a very generous offer. Unfortunately, I live in Vancouver Canada. I will take you up on your offer,
    if it's feasible. Obviously I would pay for the shipping. I wonder if you could send it via post office or any
    other cheap means of transport COLLECT as my finances running a little low right now. I really appreciate this
    if it's still possible and maybe I could return the favor in the future. Bob Mcknight
    2972 Spuraway Ave.
    Coquitlam B.C.
    v3c 2e1
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    Yeah man I will send it out today
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    Through the post office
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    Thanx again Rob. Do you want me to pay for the postage/shipping through paypal or something, which I'd be willing to do. Let me know.