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  1. rowenj

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    How does the carburetor work? can someone post a Diagram/ does fuel exit the carb?
    I have been trying to start the motor for days with no luck.
    There seems to be no fuel going into the intake, twisting the throttle, pressing the tickler or adjusting the idle screw does nothing.

    sorry im an idiot :confused:

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    just to make sure

    if you pour a tablespoon of gas into the plug hole
    do you get some pop pop -- if so you are probably correct -- carb problem

    hope that you get it up soon and ride that THING
  3. rowenj

    rowenj New Member

    I squirted a few drops of fuel from a turkey baster into the intake, pedalsart it and it started to run for a few sec.........definitely the how do i fix it :confused:

    motor runs when carb is off.........but when its connected to the intake it wont start.
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