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I have been trying to break in my Kings 80cc very carefully using one gallon of 20:1 followed by a second gallon of 25:1 mix. Before starting the third gallon at 32:1 (what I believe is the correct mix) I pulled the head to see how things are going inside. Rather than find a heat stained aluminum piston head I found a thick and smooth coating of carbon across the piston head. A pretty shade of charcoal I might add.

My question: should I clean the carbon buildup or will running the 32:1 mix with a new plug burn off the fouling?

Bonus question (and I site searched for this but found no definitive answer) What should I torque the head bolts to when I replace it? I sent an email to Kings and Mark replied that I should not torque to a specific poundage but just even and tight. Is there a consensus on this?

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Dec 15, 2006
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it is very easy to strip the threads in the block (aluminum)
I use a socket wrench and hold it at the top so I can't over torque it
after first ride check and re-torque if necessary