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Whizzer 58

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Jan 26, 2008
Howell, Mi.
I would like to know what causes so much carbon buildup on the sparkplug and exhaust system, it's even on the intake of the carb. The bike has a new airfilter and a #80 main jet.....thanks.....Ed
Hi Whizzer 58,

Many things can cause buildup, however the most common cause is the carburetor. Often the carburetor is jetted too rich to balance out the use of restrictor plate in the mid range [where 95% ride]. Even though the main jet is a #80, it is possible the needle is too high and running rich, because most of the time the throttle is less than 3/4 open. The carburetor should be jetted to match your riding style. Another cause is compression, if the compression is increased the buildup will most likely decrease. If the valves aren't seating completely it could also cause reverse induction [blow by through the carburetor], if the lifters are set way off the motor could run rich[too much clearance], and last the camshaft should be set one tooth advanced to lean the motor out somewhat.
I am somewhat confused by your use of a #80 main jet, most NE motors use from a #84 to #88. If you have the earlier WC-1 motor a #80 is too rich, most use #74 to #78.

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Hi Ed, If you can't find jets from a local dealer, let me know. I have lots of jets to fit your carburetor in stock.

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