carborator bogs when throttle open

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Michael B, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Michael B

    Michael B New Member

    Hi I am Michael B

    I am having carborator problems I believe as the bike idles fine, but loses power if I throttle down. I appreciate any help.:sweatdrop:

  2. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    Hi there Michael. Welcome to MBc. Be sure that once your engine starts and begins to warm up, you take the throttle off (open). That should be right. If you speed it up, and are running a 2-Stroke: open the low end needle to give it a richer mixture. If it still stalls out aft, open the high end needle. I am not an expert on 2-strokes, so check our 2-stroke Forum...or hit our search engine for "Engine stalls on throttle down"...that should get you some results. Good Luck.
  3. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Welcome. What are you working on, knowing the type of engine/carburetor would help. Carburetors like the NT's have no external adjustment other then the idle.
  4. Michael B

    Michael B New Member

    Thanks Patrick W. Also, I live in the Chicago area.

    I tried moving the pack man clip to a leaner mixture, but that did not help. Someone recomended for a similar problem, to use a higher gas to oil mix, but that did not work. Someone else recomeneded changing outthe spark plug with a differen type, but it seems odd to have to replace a spark plug on a new engine kit.

    Lastly, someone recomended trying to find and plug air leaks. Again not sure why I need to look for air leaks on a new engine kit or how to do this?

    Thanks Michael
  5. Michael B

    Michael B New Member

    Thanks Ron in Alabama. I am not sure what kind of a carb. I have, but I belive it is an N/T. I have a Skyhawk kit and the carb cover is red.

    The bike idles well until I thhrottle down, then it loses power or stalls. In nuetral I can rev up the engine to some degree.

  6. Michael B

    Michael B New Member

    I am Michael B. from Chicago with a carb problem with my CNS carb.

    I installed a Skyhawk Grubee 66cc kit I bought from Kings Motor Bikes. The engine idles alright, but bogs when I throttle down. The more throttle the worse it gets and the engine will die with more than 1/4 throttle. It seems to throttle reasonably well with the clutch in, but does not work much while riding. I can ride at approximately 10-15 miles an hour, but no faster.

    So far the trouble shooting I have done:

    moved pack man
    changed fuel mixture with higher gas to oil ratio
    installed new CNS carb.

    Please let me know any suggestions to resolve this
  7. wan37

    wan37 Member

    Hey mike try this for now it might get you riding ok there is a small tube on the carb coming from the bowl to the air filter pull it off and take ride see if it help for now.Let me know
  8. Michael B

    Michael B New Member

    Thanks I will try this tommorow and let you know how it goes.

    Are you in Chicago?

  9. wan37

    wan37 Member

    There's some times that it helps for the time but I don't think it's the fix for good. I'm close to St.Louis in Illinois
  10. V 35

    V 35 Member

    One guess is an intake manifold air leak. Squirt water on idling engine, if engine speeds up, you just wetted the air leak. Water temporally seals leak, speeding engine.
    Use a plant mister, not a garden hose, start at intake manifold flange, than carb spigot.