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    Hey guys,
    My Carborator is messing up. The fuel is hemoraging out of the black air intake portion and the primer. The situation occurs after I've been riding for about a min. I'll take it home, hit the carb with a screwdriver to try to free the float or something (no luck). I usually take it off and reassemble it, and after much random fiddling, the leak stops (and i wait). Once I start the engine back up and get down the street, it starts leaking again though.I'm also experiencing slow speeds. I've taken the carborator appart, let the float sit in gas to test it, bent the copper prongs to make them lower, and messed with the primer. I wish I had another carb to test it out on the bike. I cannot figure what the **** the problem is, just now I bent the copper fuel prongs down so far the carb was dry, when i moved them a milimeter higher, its a waterfall again.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, I would like to see if anyone has any ideas that dont involve a new carborator.

    PS: I just tested the valve on the fuel line, not the problem either.

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    if you don't have an inline fuel filter, get one. that's a good place to start.lots of trash in these tanks. also take your carb apart, blow through the jet & seat with compressed air from both ends as many times as you think it takes to clean it out. check the opening where the needle goes into, if there is enough of a flash burr, from the casting process, that can hold the arms down , keeping the needle from seating. if you see a burr left from the casting process, you can use a drill bit sightly larger than the opening , to cut the burr down smooth. then clean it all out again with compressed air, & solvent, put it back together, blow your fuel line out, install the inline fuel filter, & keep you fingers crossed. i had this problem with one of mine, & it nearly drove me nuts. hope this helps.
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    this is where the burr was

    here's where the burr was located. sorry i don't have the best camera, it is blurry, but it will show you in relation to yours, where the burr, or casting flash was located. i used a 3/8 inch drill bit to cut down the burr, & it was big enough to keep it out of the brass seat shaft. make sure to clean all the debris created from the drill bit.

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    Fixed (for now?)

    I dunno what the **** i did to fix it (to be honest). But for anyone else who has this problem, i'll tell you what i did.

    Ok, so after completely spray cleaning the carb out with WD40 (to get any chunks of **** out), I made sure to pay special attention to the "burr?"(the part where the fuel comes in). Dried it lightly with a T-Shirt scrap i use for cleaning up gas. Then, reassembled the carb, put it on the bike, and took it for a spin round the block. It seem to be occuring MAINLY after going up hills. After the first hill, the leak began.

    I turned off the fuel line and choked the engine. After the dripping stopped, i began riding it home just pedaling. Going down the hill to my house, I turned on the engine with the choke on. I slowly openened the choke and burned up all the excess gasoline. After the engine stopped, I reopened the fuel line, closed it, and rode the rest of the hill with the newly filled gas. By the time i got to the bottom of the hill, I needed another fill, so I opened the fuel line.

    I forgot to close the fuel line when I was riding, and no leaks reappeared. Whatever happened within my fiddling around fixed the carb for now. If anyone can see something that could be identified as the solution it could help anyone reading this later on.

    EDIT: O and I'm going to look for a fuel filter at a local shop, any ideas? (Was thinking a motorsports shop or lowes)

    Thanks for your help guys.
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    a burr is a peice of excess material that sticks out , because of the casting mold, being put together there. when the cast aluminum is poured into the mold, some of the the aluminum runs into the crack, thus a burr is formed.they should be cleaned up my the engine maker.but sometimes they arent. you may have cleared a peice of debris that was in between the needle & seat while cleaning it. Thats why it is so important to have a good in line filter. if you don't have one, it will happen again in most cases.