Carby Carburator flooding system failure


Minnesota Hyena

I was riding bike and suddenly engine was dying slowly and carb was flooded with fuel. I tried to start again but i wont and the fuel will be keep dripping from carb.
I locked the fuel valve and started again then engine runs until all the fuel is out in the fuel line and dies.
I realease the fuel line then engine slowly dies again and the fuel starts to drip from carb again.
I opened up the carb reservoir looking thing and i think the floating system in that thing is kinda stuck and not working.
Anybody had such problem? got fixed?


I had the same problem and my dad took the carb apart and cleaned the gunk off the needle and I added a fuel filter to the line and didn't have that problem again.


Make sure all the little needles are sliding correctly, you may have a piece of sand stuck in there. Completely cleam out the carb. It happened to me several times befoe i realized what it was.

Make sure that U shaped ring slides without any bumps, just push it up and down untill you feel it sliding nicely.


good a place as i could find to put this one:

i ran outta gas the other day. after filling up in the morning, i wasn't patient enuff to wait for the fuel to make its own way to the bowl. so i used the float-tickler to open up the needle, i waited til there was fuel coming out the airfilter, meaning i opened it too long.

now, the carb drips dry overnite. that never happened before. thank goodness my petcock works or i'da had a floor full of gasoline this morning.

looks like i allowed some debris to get into the needle-seat. time for a disassembly of the carb for cleaning. i'll keep ya posted.


the closer i look at these things the more i like 'em :)

during the first install, i took an awful lot for granted...assuming everything was right and also thinking i knew it all just because i know engines in general.

every time i have a problem and go to solve it, i'm amazed at what i find. this is a neat lil carb, no doubt.

so, we have this really powdery sand up here, and yes i did allow some to get in sometime, before i installed the inline filter, plus i've learned the air-cleaner just aint up to snuff for my conditions. a bit of debris was evident in every nook & cranny.

during rebuild i found a couple more vibration hassles...the fuel inlet fitting was slightly loose, the jet needed a bit of a twist (btw-i know i can bore that out a tad, some other time tho) & i'm guessing maybe the bowl gasket was loosening too.

anyway, all clean & starting/running great, no drip, i'm glad i was "forced" into a bit of preventive maintainence 8)


Fuel Filter is recomended I have added one to my fuel system same principle aaplies for these engine as they do for car engines and motor bikes



Jan 27, 2008
have you used any sealer on the carb gasket? WELL DONT IF YOU HAVENT. i did that once i encounterd the same problem it was actually the sealer expanded and was keeping the float from comeing up and stoping the fuel flow. so check that out and make shure nothing is on your float.