Carburator modification of air inlet !!!

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    Hello!! Does Anyone know what the heck this is!! there is a secondary,air
    hole place on the carb? ive noticed other nt carbs dont have the same as
    mine does look at the pictures they are crappy but thats the only cam
    I have!! but you can still see what i mean? there is a small hole on the
    fuel intake side that one is open it goes from the face of the carb in a L
    shape down to the bowl,it feeds air to the bowl!! so there is another one
    on the tickler side has longer path you can see where the hole were
    started but didnt go through all the way so i drilled it out!! same L shaped
    goes to the bowl I think it will make A good differance but have not
    run it yet pooring rain here!! So is ther anyone who can tell me what these
    ports do besides give air to the bowl do you think opening up the secondary
    one will do good or will it spit gas all over!! Ill gues i will see When i fire it up
    I was thinking mabe ill have to put the needle one notch down since it
    will be geting more air it will need more fuel im just guessing here???
    hope it will add some power!!!! Well Take easy ALLL &

    THANK YOU KINDLY!!:bowdown::grin5:

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    this is of probably no use to you now, but the 'holes' go into the fuel bowl like you said and they are a breather for it so the bowl doesnt build up vacuum and pressure and stuff, it will make no effect to your jetting,your engine might run better if you make it leaner, but thats cuz its getting more air, which can be bad on these little two strokes