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    I have a GT5 SkyHawk with a CNS carburetor, at first it wouldn't keep running, I raised the clip on the needle valve to the first notch, now it runs fairly good but when I stop 3 or 4 drops of gas/oil drops out of the muffler, do I need to adjust my carb. float or is the needle valve nearest to the breather out of adjustment?

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    Hi. I have a 2000 24 inch Snapper Mower. It doesn't really cut the grass anymore. Just tears it up. What do you think the problem is.

    I know: "That sounds weird coming from someone who has not even introduced himself to you", doesn't it?
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    Hi Ron and welcome
    Please introduce yourself in this forum. Tell us a little about yourself and your bike project then ask your carb question in the correct forum. It helps keep things here organized so all the great info here can be found easily. Your carb question should be asked in the 2 stroke forum.

    Thanks Jim
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    I'm a young 72 years old, I was told about a gentleman who had a Skyhawk GT5 (new) engine he wanted to sell for $100.00, he had bought it for the purpose of installing it in a new 3 wheeled bike, it didn't work out so I bought it. Looking in the newspaper I noticed a new 26 inch Schwinn cruiser bike for sale for $75.00, I got it for $60.00. I mounted it in the Schwinn and with the exception of having to raise the pac man clip due to flooding and having the chain jump off once (misalignment) it's doing pretty good at this time. Ron