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    Most gasoline engines have their carburetion optimized at or near Sea Level.

    I happen to live at a 3000 ft. elevation, where the air is thinner to some degree.

    Would my location upset the optimized fuel /air mixture and carb jetting because the thinner air would have the effect of having a richer mixture?

    If this is the case, would removing the intake restriction allow the additional incoming air volume to compensate for its being thinner?

    These questions are probably just academic, with no real concern, but I'd like to know what the experts feel about it anyway!


  2. Carboration

    Hi Hal, all engines/carbs are different. IF you wanted to know about Whizzer, best to ask in Whizzer section. If 2-stroke, there, as our stuff is not interchangeable, and toy might find someone at your altitude, with your type engine.

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    Search, Search, Search and you'll find the answers here....
  4. HI Hal,

    I am not sure if there would be an immense amount of difference removing the intake restriction or not (the "filter" is soooo porous I doubt the factory setup cleans things up too much anyways...At least for the HT engines).

    I suppose you could tinker with moving the needle inside the carb to see if it helps things or not (raise the e clip one notch and see how it careful not to lean things out too much tho).

    Hope this helps you.

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    Thanks for your help, but that link does not take me anywhere,

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    Just go to and look at the parts for happy-times
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    you can play with your adjustments

    while always remembering where they were in the first place

    note - in most cases 3,000 ft --- is not that high --- shouldn't make a difference

    ride that thing