Carburetor Part Quesion?????????

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by nofx_boden, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. nofx_boden

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    I just picked up a scooter for my son and the arm that the throttle cable attaches to is busted. I have not been able to find a replacement so I figured one of the wiser more experienced readers would be able to point me into the right direction. Here is a picture of the top of the carb. Top of Carb.jpg Thanks Ryan

  2. jaguar

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    just make your own part. don't be so helpless
  3. Jeckler

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    Check out
    That looks like a Walbro-style carb. It helps to know what engine you have too.
  4. Racie35

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    There are some scooter forums with gobs of info on these too...if its a Chinese scooter there are gonna be lots of different branded ones with the same parts. You can also go to lifan USA site and try to match it up by size and looks....they're cheap too
  5. nofx_boden

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    Jeckler and Racie35 Thanks for the useful info. I found out what kind size it was and just ordered a new carb all together. I guess I'm not too helpless!
  6. HeadSmess

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    if thats a picture of the actual carb you have, im hard pressed to see whats wrong with it?

    unless the barrels been twisted off internally or something, that looks fine...

    steel plate, screwed on with adjustor nut for the outer cable housing, and a standard slotted disc with a notch for the lump on the end of the cable to fit into. idle screw.

    what exactly is broken??????

    the carb you replace it with will look exactly the same unless you opt for a butterfly/slide type...