Carburetor question "NG" from eBay

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    I bought this NG carburetor on eBay. I have no idea who makes it. It has a throttle and choke cable. It also has an idle speed and a, I think jet adjustment. Below the idle speed adjustment, there is a brass screw that can turn in and out. I have a slight fuel leak, and thought it was coming from their and turned that screw. Only to later realize it's the lean rich adjustment. Now I'm not sure how to get things re-adjusted, pretty sure I'm running lean and can probably dink with it till I figure it out. Anyone know about these carburetors?

    And I've got a slight fuel leak, on the side where there is a cup that the fuel line hooks to, have no idea where to get a gasket, I messed up and overtightened the screw, not sure how to fix the fuel leak either. I know rocksolid may be coming out with a new carburetor, but in the meantime I'm trying to get by. Could use a little help here.

    Thanks for your consideration, sincerely John :sweatdrop:

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    Sounds like you have the "infamous" CNS carb of Grubee fame. Those things are junk, and there are many threads on here with info (misinfo?) on how to tune them. I wouldn't bother, just get a stock NT till you can do better, or get the RT from thatsdax. It's a dellorto clone, and is simple to tune. Or, get the NT "speed" carb, seems to work well outta the box with minimal tuning. Those Walbro carbs sound great, but remember they are coming outta the land down under, shipping may be expensive.