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    I've read all of the other post about carb problems and they don't seem to apply to my problem so I wanted to post this about mine. My primer button seems to be sticking and flooding the carburetor. When I pull over and tap on the button a few times it will run fine again. If I don't it will lose power and cut out and not run to it's full potential. My question is, how do I fix this permanently? Right now it's doing it almost everyday.

    I appreciate any help,

  2. Crab, take the carb apart and look at the pin that goes into the bowl and pushes down on the float. It prob. has some trash on it or is bent. It is soo simple and idea, you will see once you look at it. I have read posts on taking it out and putting a wood screw in the hole.......

    Do a search for "tickler" and you will see there are a few leakers........
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    Thanks Misteright,

    I'm trying to get up the courage to take the carburetor off. Once I do I will have to check my blood pressure... lol I will check what you are talking about and see what I can come up with. I'm also going to do a search on the topic that you suggested first. Thanks for the help.

    edit: This may not be an issue with the "tickler" because I tap on the carburetor too. Guess I just have to get up the nerve to take the carb apart.
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  4. Personally I WOULDNT put a screw in it. If your float sticks or fills with gas the gas will come out of the primer button, but under normal circumstances the gas level should never come up that high. Some of the threads I read, I believe were float problems and the not primer problems......
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    I think you are right. I've decided that it's not a primer issue and that it's most likely a float issue. I will have to get up the nerve to take the carburetor apart and hopefully I can fix it then. The only thing I have read is that trash might get into the carb or I might have to bend the prongs for the float. Does that sound right?

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    Don't be scared to take the carb off. It is such a simple device.
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    Ok... I have a question now... I just fixed my bike where it will idle and not die when I pull in the clutch. After fixing this I noticed some odd behavior with the carburetor. It did not seem to be flooding out as usual. I came up to a stop at my house and got off the bike while it was idling and looked at the carb. It was not dripping gas/oil. Does this make sense to anyone? Have I fixed my problem or is this just a one time thing maybe? It was sure nice to sit and watch it NOT leak. I'm going for another ride in a bit and I will check to see if it leaks when I get back. Wish me luck!

  8. Hard to say wheter the leak was a one time thing, or now it doesnt leak, thats a one time thing lol. Wait till it leaks again then you know its time to look and see what the problem is.
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    Well, I took it out for another ride and it is not leaking like it was before. There may still be a small leak but nothing like it was before. Before it was pouring out. Now that I have the idle right, it seems to have fixed the biggest problem that I had with my carburetor leaking. Like I said, it may leak a little but nothing like it did before. I can live with this. When I come to a stop and get off and look, I don't see any gas dripping off the carburetor. That's a good thing.

    So now I'm thinking that the float is not sticking and that I don't need to tear the carburetor apart. Somehow the idle screw was messing me up and now that I have it set good my carburetor problems seem to have gone away. Does this make sense to anyone? I don't know enough to know if it makes sense... lol

    Thanks for the help and comments,
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    same old carp

    I took my bike out for a ride this morning and it started choking down and losing power and eventually just quit. I beat and banged on a few things (the carburetor) and finally got it to run some and made it home. I took it out for another ride and it did better for about the first mile then starting the same bad behavior as before. The carburetor has also gone back to leaking bad again.

    What is going on? Am I getting trash in the carburetor? I don't have an inline filter but will be getting one in a few days (when my check arrives). I am at a loss about all of this. It ran great all day yesterday and this morning it turned to you know what. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I would appreciate some comments and some help. If you need more info please just ask.

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    It's very possible you have some junk clogging something.
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    thanks KiDD... I will see if I can track that down.
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    found out what's wrong with the carburetor

    With some help I found out what's going on with my carburetor. The two prongs that deal with the float adjustment got stuck high and was causing a flood condition. I found this out by gently pulling down on the prongs. When I did this, the prongs snapped down into place at a lower level like that's the place it should have been all along. Figuring this out may not be much to some people but it's a major breakthrough to me. My question is this; why would the prongs get stuck up higher and not go all the way down to where it's supposed to be? Right now, if it happens again, the fix is to take the bowl off again and pull on the prongs. Not the way I want to fix it every time. Does anyone have any ideas about this? I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  14. Move the prongs up and down and see if you can find where they are binding. Maybe they are rubbing on the sides where the pin goes thru to hold them in place. Maybe a bent pin. Maybe the needle isnt sitting in the seat properly holding the prongs up....
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    have inline filter

    ok... have me an inline filter now. It doesn't seem to be making too much of a difference when it comes to the engine flooding out. I haven't looked at the pin to see if it is bent yet. That would mean taking the whole carburetor off and I'm not sure I'm up to that. I know that eventually I will have to but I'm trying to put it off as long as I can.

    I'm going to take it out for a ride when I get through writing this and see how she does. I will carry a screwdriver with me just in case. Maybe I can come back with more info this time. If not, I may have to take the carburetor off.

    thanks for listening,
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    Finally got it fixed!!!

    Yes, you heard me right, my carburetor is finally fixed. No more fuel leaks!.. Well what I really did was swap out the carburetor for another carburetor and everything is working great for now. When Jim h. sent me the kit he sent an extra carb and I asked him about it. He said it was just for parts if I needed them. Well I took a chance and the whole thing worked great!

    Now maybe I will get better than 10 mpg (lol).. It was leaking real bad. I think I was leaking as much if not more than I was burning.

    Thanks for listening. I was just so happy about the new carburetor working that I had to tell someone.

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    hey crab, if you'll send me your old carb, i will fix it for you for free. i have fixed both of mine , they were'nt leaking as bad as yours sounds like, but they are bone dry now, with no leaks.
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    Darn crazee... you are a nice gentleman. I will gladly send you the one that leaks. I would like to know what was making it leak. It's a good carburetor except for that. PM me your address and I will send it to you.

    I appreciate that man... you don't know how much.
    thanks a lot,

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    Yes- at times ones just can't wait to take something apart -- and yet others dread the day. If you get into it (carburetor) taking note of how it comes apart -- as mentioned above -- pretty simple.. Some small engine repair shop is going to CHARGE YOU PLENTY when and if the time comes for this what may turn out to be -- a good experience for you - and cheap repair.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman