carburetor won't idle down

cory minks

New Member
Jan 16, 2019
i have a Huasheng 142f and replaced the carburetor with a Racing Carib Carburetor For 49cc 50cc 60 66 80cc 2 Stroke Motorized Bike Bicycle i had to make a manifold for the racing carburetor after making the manifold i then put the carburetor on the manifold and it was running great for about 2 months and it was cutting out and lupine some power when i gave it some throttle it was starving for fuel so i cleaned the carburetor and the fuel tank and change fuel filter and the tank has a fuel filter there was something in the tank so i cleaned everything and put everything back to together and now i can't get the idle to come down it idles i would say almost about half throttle is there something i did wrong putting it back together can someone help with is problem and here is a picture of the carburetor


Apr 7, 2018
You must have installed a piece upside down or something.
or an air leak try spraying carb cleaner or starting fluid around the gasket areas and around all connections if it revs different you found your culprit