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  1. I have CNC Billet High Velocity intake manifold that connects to my carburetor. However whenever I hope put it on it will only work with my carb have choked.?????? I have the carby at the center pin. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or do I have a defective part? It looks fine it's it's fine everything lines up? Please anybody anything would be helpful please please please help me. Thank you in advanceW.C.B.

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    I've seen some of those intakes that were a bit too short for a standard carb which allows an air leak at the slots for the mounting tabs of the carb - once,I saw one designed for a special carb that was about 2mm less in its outside diameter for the standard carb to get a tight fit.
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    Sounds like an air leak to me would be my first guess.
  4. What would you do?
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    I'd first put a standard intake on it to be sure that is the problem - then, I'd see if it were fixable.
  6. I have tried 4 different carbys and same results with 4 different styles of air filters and same results. But the same intake billet itsgotta have an air leak. There are no gaskets? WHAT TO DO? its been a paper weight in my shop in a ziplock.
  7. I tried some SHITTY Blue gasket maker for high temp (above 500%F) but the stuff never dried like it said it would!
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    make the gaskets out of cardboard... cruddy old cereal box makes far better gaskets than shitty blue gasket maker :)

    as mentioned, make sure the carb goes completely onto the manifold stub, if in doubt, scribe a line, measure the depth of carb throat, measure from end of manifold to the line scribed, make sure theyre the same...
  9. I found some O-Rings when I returned that cruddy blue gasket crap. I had am air tight seal I tested it (SPRAY TEST) NO LEAKS. And it still only runs on 1/2 choked!!! So I'm returning it via U.S. Mail they said they will investigate the piece and situation and either credit or new billet.
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    Your bike is running lean then