Carby carby leak...

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  1. miketaco

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    have a slight leak in my carb gasket has any used rtv gasket maker for this or the make ur own gasket at autozone?

    current gasket consist of cork and broke second time i took off the bowl to adjust the float....
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  2. crassius

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    I'd try some type of sealant (maybe peratex non-hardening), but I'd also order a gasket now in just case.
  3. miketaco

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    i swaped out the old nt carby gaskey (rubbery) and it seems to work....

    but thank you as allways for the input imma keep a side note for later when i need this old carb again try that method on it
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    This is also a good solution to the Notorious NT carb leaking issue, sometimes with vibration those screws can back off a little. Placing a couple of over length bolts on and putting on some lock nuts helps keep it all nice and snug. Just be careful to not over-tighten as with everything there exists the possibility to strip the thread.
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