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    Hello everyone, I just finished building my motorized bicycle, and I felt so awesome just finishing it, but it just doesn't work because of problems I run across.

    My first problems was the clutch lever, I just didn't tighten right, second was my own gas line and I had to get my dad to help me by switching them out. And Third, I thought my spark plug wasn't providing any sparks, but it's my clutch adjustment that needs to be adjust because it's so hard to pedal.

    My problems now are just to just my clutch adjustment, but those bolts are stripped and I stared at them like crazy. And my carburetor leaks.

    I know I posted in a weird format and my thoughts are everywhere, I just wanted to tell everyone what was happening to me with my motorized bicycle.

    I want to ask the community, if there are any videos about fixing an Carburetor leaks, and I read on the forums that it's the floater and etc. I just can't read something online and know what the heck to do, I saw some pictures, but it's like they'll skipping some parts and I'm confused and lost. Please direct me in the right direction and I hope I can get my baby running soon. Thanks ya'll!

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    that carb works like crap anyway. throw it away and buy a real carb.
    adjust the clutch play by unscrewing the "end-stop", moving it to deny any cable slack, and then tighten it.
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    Which real carb should I buy? I brought my 2 stroke engine from Boys go fast... I didn't read his reviews after, so I got freaked out the deal.

    Yeah... they didn't give me the part to "end-stop" so I drilled a hole, and put a screw in there. But today it just popped off.

    Thanks! :)
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    click on my signature link to read about using Dellorto or Mikuni carbs