Care and Feeding of Your Slabatts

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    Several years ago, in my "lead sled" youth, I despaired at the lowly SLAs I'd encumbered myself with.
    After rebuilding my oem pack I began researching.

    The care and feeding of the loathsome slabatts.
    1. Never overwork them (never deeply discharge) they become permanently "lazy".
    2. Always feed immediately after working them (recharge immediately) or they digest their own muscle (electrolyte).
    3. They are rated(and designed?) to discharge over 20 hours (1/2 hour discharges do "damage" them more than "rated" use) Don't expect 100's of cycles!
    4. 1/2 hour discharges give less than 50% of "rated capacity" (50% wasted as damaging heat) Especially, excessive heat, during charging or discharging, is damaging.
    5. Don't feed them too fast (manufactures recommend charging at .125C (1.25A charger for 10Ah battery)) a type of permanent "indigestion" can occur (plate corrosion).

    Any wonder that I went Lithium?
    Of course Lithiums are "expensive" so I started recycling used cells .
    See - Homemade Battery Packs

    PS I did purchase and use a BatterMinder Charger-Desulfator.
    I did enjoy a fair degree of success in rejuvenating worn-out batteries!
    A few hours has little affect, weeks of desulfating were required for substantial enhancement.
    Using a desulfating charger constantly has prolonged battery life 200-300%.
    But at $80-$150 for a charger ... is it worth it?