Carpentaria, CA to Solvang, CA

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  1. ridercam

    ridercam New Member

    Lets consider a ride from carpentaria to solvang to include a visit to the Outstanding Motorcycle Museum (several motorized bikes in the collection).

    The rallye route would include 33 miles of rolling hills, bike routes, quiet roads, good food (wine too!) and space to meet. Bike shops a plenty. Services to be had. Great family fun as well as good watering holes/breweries. It may be the ultimate California adventure in the Santa Barbra hills!

    Maybe a few Darringers will show if they dare...

    Thinking June/July (4th?)

  2. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    That sounds like a glorious good ride. Years ago, too many, I lived in a small house up Refugio Canyon, one of the backcuts from 101 to the Santa Ynez valley. I'm too far away to join ya but I'll live vicariously through wishing you well.
  3. Stoney

    Stoney Member

    That's sounds good to me. Get your motor running
  4. hill climber

    hill climber Member

    sounds good to me also. but i gotta know, how you gonna get from carp to solvang without gettingon the 101 or 154. could you post the route your talking about? i live in paso robles,couple hours north, and would love to get involved. maybe us central cali riders could get together once a month for a ride. anyone else up for it?
    hill climber
  5. ridercam

    ridercam New Member

    Consider this! Route and location.

    Consider this... Camping, motels, beaches, great rides, Santa Barbra proximity, cool law enforcement, outdoor movies, and all the best of California has to offer.

    Carpinteria Beach campground (right on beach and near everything... *mm = mile marker

    Starting at 6th street/ Via Real.
    Up Via Real to Ortega Hill 5.4 mm
    Olive mill 7.9mm
    Coast village road to hot springs to old coast highway to S. Salinas St. 9.6 mm
    Alameda Padre Serra 10.2 mm
    E Los Olivas St. 12.5mm
    Foothill Rd (192) 13.1 mm
    San Marcos (154) 16.1mm
    East highway 39.3mm into Solvang ending 44.4mm.

    Could be one awesome day/weekend.
  6. hill climber

    hill climber Member

    i dont even like driving a car on 154(san marcos), dont think i would even consider riding my mb on the highway.
  7. ridercam

    ridercam New Member

    154 en mass

    The beauty of ridding in a group over the challanging roads is the en mass effect. Traffic patterns clearly change to suit the riders. a dozen or more bikes roaring at 20 mph would be most formitable.

    There are so many ways to ride. A ralley is just that. In my experience in route planning and execution, the route ride captiain leads the way and dedicated sweepers follow. Just as it has always been as a long time bmw airhead motorcycle distance rider - all my associated riders are supported and are expected work to support the ride.

    Hopefully we would stress safe fun over speed. Comfort over conflict. Simple, knowledgable solutions are best. Money is only a tool. There is No single way to get there. And camping is fun.
  8. Baverian

    Baverian Member

    San Marcos Pass 154

    I'm with you Hill Climber , 154 climbs 2225 feet to the top in 3 miles, two lane highway, many curves and crazy cagers.Also steep on the backside.
    To far to go to get to the nice area of Solvang (Santa Ynez Valley) from Carpenteria.
    Now Santa Ynez Valley would be a good starting point, you could easily ride here for hours.Solvang to Ballard to Los Olivos out Foxen Can. Road on lightly
    traveled roads and only have some small hills and the most beautyfull views.
    They have bike tours here all the time,so most drivers around here are used to bikes.
  9. Stoney

    Stoney Member

    Well what ever is the decision count me in.:grin5:
  10. hill climber

    hill climber Member

    I was just in the Sana Ynez valley today and it was beautiful. It must have been 75deg. The hills are all green and the skies blue. I think that june or july is to far off. Who is ready for a ride in Santa Ynez next weekend, feb. 8 or 9? Anyone in? PM me.
    hill climber
  11. Baverian

    Baverian Member

    hill climber ....sent you a PM
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