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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Skyliner70cc, Mar 1, 2008.

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    SPARKPLUG. Yes, I had a spark plug failure this afternoon about 12 miles from home (it was uphill most of the way). The failure manifested itself as firing every 3-4 rotation. The plug was removed, gap was checked, carbon (little) was removed and reinstalled. It still did the same thing and only fired every 3rd rotation. I pedalled home and replaced the plug with a spare one. Engine fired right up and worked perfectly.

    So in addition to carrying spare CDI and magneto, I will be carrying a spare plug. I normally do carry a spare plug but used my spare on a new engine that didn't come with a plug :-(

    Needless to say, I got a pretty good workout. Those who asked as I was pedalling were told I ran out of gas :)

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    Poor guy, with all the toolkit posts and spare part posts it sounds like you might as well just pack every part that could fail on the HT aside from the deep internals :)
    Sorry to hear it, at least it was a simple fix. We've all been there. I feel your (leg) pain.
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    The spare parts and tools i carry easily fit with tons of spare room in my handlebar bag.
    My mistake was using the Happy time spark plug and not replacing it sooner.

    I often joke about carrying everything but the kitchen sink but in actuality where is what I take for long trips >20 miles:
    Handlebar bike bag with:
    spare tire tube
    Flat/patch repair kit
    10mm wrench
    Small adjustable wrench
    Bicycle folding toolkit
    Small collection of 10mm nuts/bolts
    3oz container of castor oil
    First aid kit
    Electrical tape
    Spare roller and 12/14 mm locking bolts (actually had a chain tensioner roller fall off once)
    Spare chain master link
    Tire pump (actually mounted on frame)
    1 pair latex gloves
    wipes/paper towels to wipe residual fuel spills on tank
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    I can relate, as on two different days I had to peddle about 5km home.
    (I carried no tools)

    After about the first kilometre it was serious energy. Like peddling uphill even on flats.
    I think if you break down, it would be worth taking off the back wheel
    and taking the chain off the back-wheel and taping it to the frame.
    then put wheel back on and cycle as normal.

    that big chains a killer on the legs.

    would make a great invention to be able to freewheel the big chain.
    don't ask me how tho :)

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