carry oil in jr babyfood jar



I found the best way to carry oil is in the jr baby food jars. I wrap that in a plastic baggie and it fits perfect it the mesh pocket on the side of my backpack.
I was in a friendly debate with a fellow mb rider last week. He was telling me how he wouldnt be albe to handle all that mixing of gas and oil and it was so much trouble. I pulled out my baby food jar and told him I just wait till my tank is almost out, I have the correct amount already mixed, fill it up halfway, add oil, shake the bike, add the rest of the gas, shake some more and off I go. He still said it was easier to add constantly check oil separatly and change the oil every 10 hours of riding time. Hmmm.
Change the oil?
But what of the gas?
That stuff is expensive!
I use a used prescription empty topical cream bottle myself. It's exactly 2.5 ounces. That's 5 ounces a gallon.
I haven't ran out of gas yet for I usually keep it at least a half a tank so it won't water condense in this cold weather,but it's good to know I have it in case I do run out of gas.
Another good thing to use is all over the place around here. If you know of anyone that plays BINGO have him/her save you an empty dauber bottle.
Take out the sponge thing,wash it out then fill and cap.
I don't use a glass jar to carry my oil. My local gas station sells two stroke oil in 2.5 oz containers which is perfect to fill a 1/2 gallon tank at a ratio of 5 oz of oil to a gallon. I dump half of it into another container and then fill it with castor oil so I have a nice mixture of 50:50 castor/synthetic blend. Works perfect and no risk of glass breakage.
Apple Sauce is the best..:D
Those jars are very resiliant very thick and they do not leak.
They dont sell synthetic 2 stroke oil and any gas stations here. I have to buy it at the Sazuki store in huge platic bottles. Each one lasts about a month.
Glad I didnt get a 4 stroke engine.