Fuel Mixture Carrying More Pre-Mix Fuel

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    Recently as the weather got nicer, I started using my MB's more & more for work instead of taking the car. With the added miles, I needed to start bringing more pre-mix fuel along with me. I picked up a few Two Fish Unlimited strap on bottle cages for my 3 MB's & some MSR fuel bottles. I use 18" velcro straps to secure the bottles to the cages to prevent fuel bomb launchings...lol...Each 20 oz MSR bottle gets me ~22 miles (estimating 140 mpg's). The engine tank holds 30 oz without topping it out. This 90 oz will get me around any of my work routes (max around 100 miles).
    I was thinking of just one large fuel tank, but I dont like the 'motorcycle' look & this way, I can plan for each trip by bringing the extra bottles or not. So far so good, as I've done now roughly 312 miles on the MB's for work.
    (see pic)

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    I like it
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    Thanks Tim...
    Bike it!
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    Now this 3rd MB I built doesn't need to haul its own pre-mix (4 stroke), but can easily carry a 2 gallon gas can...
    I built some aluminum framework to bolt the top of the basket to 2 handlebar clamps (1"), & a small aluminum bottom support that bolts thru the bottom hole in the fork (where you'd mount road calipers). Its very solid & may be the starting point for an aero fairing bubble...

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    shame they put a hole into the BB on most frames or you could use the frame as a tank! steel frames easy to fix, ali not so... then get a diaphgram/pumper carb, bob is your uncle! how much could a fat tube frame actually hold? :thinking:
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    next up i might be going with my gallon teardrop tank on a strong rear rack, with the whole tank inside a milk crate. then i can just throw groceries and stuff on top of the tank and use the milk crate. i dont mind the weight in the back, as much as other spots. you can carry a good 2 gallons in a milkcrate. you can run a rear rack off just the seatpost, too.... it clamps on. i just want to be able to pedal without hitting the tank with my knees!