Cars and bikes don't play well together.

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  1. My new bike is down for the count 'till I get a new front fork, front wheel, front brake cable, and lights. I'll be out of service for a week or so with gashes in both shins and the left arm, bruises in the same places and my chest, and now I need to replace a pair of shoes. *^&#@**^ cagers that don't pay attention!:veryangry:

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    Sorry to hear about your mishap. I'm glad you're not as banged up as your bike. I can appreciate what you mean about the cagers, as one almost ran me off into a curb while passing me in an intersection. I guess I wasn't accellerating fast enough for her. Sure enough, she was also talking on her cell phone.
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    MBM, Be glad it wasn't more serious! Did they stop at least?

    We should have a report a cager thread, where we can post license plate numbers! LOL!
  4. She stopped. I've got 3 witnesses that volunteered to tell about how it was all her fault. I was driving East in front of the library at about 22 mph on a two lane street, she was driving West, then made a left into the parking lot right in front of me. I t-boned her just behind her front wheel with both wheels locked. She never saw me 'till I yelled an obscene expletive as I ran into her. Her words. I haven't even quite finished the MB yet. One witness said she was looking over her shoulder for a parking spot even before she turned into the lot. Preserve us from fools. Car, -2. Bike, -30. Me, -5.
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    Well, you had lights on your bike, I'm sure they were on. I'd file an icident accident report w/police! In NY, you have 24hrs. In NY, you'd have right to file a small claims action, not sure in PA? Stick it too her man, before she kills somebody! Cell phone/incompetant driving, I have no mercy! Explitive, and she's upset, good thing she didn't do that to me!!! File a claim Brother, don't be shy about it. You were pedaling! So happens you were training for the Olympics, "your dream since a kid"!
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    Don't even show them the bike either! Tell'em it's at your friends, being repaired!

    These people drive like loons. I just had a family member hit a F150 head on w/ a Chevy Malibu. The lady driving the truck was very sorry, 100% her fault, she left her lane and crossed the double yellow. I can't say enough, how nice this woman was. That and 50Cents might get you a coffee at the end of the day while making burial plans.

    These people don't realize the consequence of thier actions while driving, once more they are the population which is irresponcible for causing problems on the road and lobby to infringe upon our rights. I don't care howmany beers you drink, so long as your in your lane and doing the right thing.. Ask both of these CP talkers and you'll get a different opinion of DUI!

    In 20 yrs of driving, no accidents w/ following exceptions. 2 deer ran into the side of my truck at 65 mph, striking behind the side view mirror, I was in an area w/4ft concrete barriers, can't believe they jumped 'em. Second incident, a lady torpeadoed behind the rear wheels on my car. She did it on purpose at a toll barrier and failed to explain why she was going faster than me in a toll lane...

    These are the idiots driving that lobby the Government for tougher laws, seatbelt, DUI, texting, but you don't see them complain about the phone! Get her off the road!

    Sorry for the RANT!
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    motorbikemike45: The exact same thing happened to me this week with a guy turning into a side street. Only this guys had actually seen me but hesitated about 3 times before deciding to go for it. When he realised I was going to T bone him he stopped, right in the middle of the road, right in the way of me! Thankfully I managed to just pull up though with rear wheel in the air and me falling over the front of the bike. I managed to not actually hit the pavement or his car though. Scared the **** out of me!
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    well thank God you are alive
    Lady in a car here a day or two ago
    hit motor cycle rider sending him 100 ft
    many blessings sent from MM
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    It's ok to hurt somebody in a car because you weren't paying attention but don't:
    You'll be thrown in jail for not even hurting anybody, esh, 180 days!

    It's even OK to sleep and fly a plane! They won't get jail time either! So go ahead and just run that MB'r over thats in your way, MADD don't have a problem w/it!
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    I'm glad you didn't get hurt any more than you did dude, that sucks.

    I don't like the tourists around my house, they can't freakin drive. No respect for locals either...

    I was riding my homebuilt MB the other day and I was about to cross a street but I saw a car coming, so I stopped and waited for her to see me. She looked boths ways while on her cell phone(I assumed she had seen me, she looked right at me, or so I thought). So I start to cross the street and when I was half way past her car, she guns it and slammed my backside and bent my back tire and messed up my motor mount. All she did was give me a
    "oh $%#@" look and drive away. Stupid tourists...
  11. I hope you got her license # and reported the hit and run to the police. Her insurance will have to pay for the damage to your bike. The ticket for hit and run and the accident on her record will be reminders to pay more attention when she's behind the wheel.
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    I tried to catch a glimpse of her plate as I got up, she was too far away for me to read it though...I think some people saw it though. idk
  13. Recovery Begins.

    Now that I am beginning to recover from the accident, I've started getting the bike back on the road. I replaced the front wheel with the same Specialized unit that was bent. Believe it or not, the Armadillo Hemisphere tire was still inflated on the pretzled rim and is fine, so I just remounted it on the new rim. Toys-R-Us was of absolutely no help at all in trying to find/sell me a new fork for the bike I bought from them. BOOOO!! Customer service slips lower and lower daily in The States. I tried calling the importer and got a run around and some double talk about me contacting the factory. Sorry, I don't speak Chinese. Isn't that their job to import repair parts as well as complete bikes? I guess not. Customer service? That's becoming a sad joke today with so many companies.

    When I went to John Adams Cycling for the new wheel, I brought the bent fork along in hopes they could find a replacement eventually. They measured the old one, scratched their heads a little, dragged out a few catalogs, and found one that should fit, a Mozo Vibe. I said order it and left with the new wheel. Minutes later I got a call on the cell. THEY HAD ONE IN STOCK! I turned around and went back. Sure enough, other than needing to file a bit off the thicker disc brake caliper mount, it fits! They even gave me a huge discount because it had been in some back room gathering dust for years, ordered by a forgotten customer but never picked up. Remember that name if you are in Erie, Pennsylvania and need help with a bike problem, parts, or a new bike; John Adams Cycling on West 12th. Street near Peninsula Drive. Great people who actually care and still give real, old fashioned, honest to God customer service. wOOt!

    After filing off a 1/16 inch or so of aluminum for the brake mount I got her together enough for a short test drive. I forgot to buy a new front brake cable and some replacement lights when I was at Adams, but I can ride again and will pick up the stuff old dead brain forgot tomorrow and be back on the road. I AM PUMPED!:grin5:
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    Yes i have been to John Adams myself about a week ago.
    Got a new bottom bracket from them.
    They like to sell us parts but i don't think they would actually do much work on the whole bike.
    I told the guy that changed my bottom brcaket that i would reccomend them to fello mb'ers.
    He said that is what they don't want.
    He said us mbers make em work and thats great.
    But they don't like working on them because we modify everything.
    I would go there again but only to get parts.

    Glad you are feeling better.
    We should get together for a ride wile it is still nice out.