Cars and Coffee - Naples monthly Car Show

No it wasn't, that was just Charlie being Uber cheap to his
Yeah a mustang II was a glorified Pinto with a better gas tank.
I saw from a distance what I thought was a modern built M/B made to look old skool
But as I got closer I saw a E battery and rear hub E motor, Now I'm wondering if it's a hybrid
The guy put two CG cylinders on a plastic box which looked like an engine case, Fake Engine, Fake tank,
Maybe it makes a fake Vroooom sound :LOL:

I told the guy Nice bike, but he was so impressed with himself that he didn't even look or comment about my Whizzer
I'm standing there with the real thing he tried to fake and he don't even look, what did I expect from an ARTISTS :LOL:
I took a pic

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Wanker. I don't know if that is proper language or not. Proud as a bucket of chicken.