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    Ok kiddies, old Uncle Buz is on to his next project bike and that means CAST OFFS!
    The donor: A pristine 2008 Pacific 8000 YX full suspension bike.
    This bike was hardly ever ridden and I took it in trade for a rebuilt HT engine and some other parts, it looks brand new.
    All I really wanted was the Mass Beefy Brushed 6061 Aluminum "Y" frame and swing arm.
    That means some ones gonna get a heck of a deal.

    #1- An almost like new, 26" wheel, triple crown, coil sprung, V brake fork with all the trimmings, upper and lower head set bearing cups, bearings, and collars, bump stops, fork gaiters, STEM AND V BRAKES INCLUDED! The brake pads aren't even scuffed in yet!
    At the moment its set up for a 1" threaded head set but can easily be converted to 1 1/8. "A" head type.
    Its is adjustable for spring preload.
    The lowers are Magnesium, the uppers are steel.
    This fork is super strong and will take as much abuse as you can throw at it.
    Retail cost, over $300 dollars with the stem, brakes and head set.
    But my all included, get down with my bad self price is a paltry
    (goahead, try n match it)

    #2- A standard square taper, mountain bike type compact crank set, with 170mm forged aluminum arms, 24, 36 and 42 tooth chain rings PEDDLES STILL ATTACHED!
    In excellent condition, just add fresh chain and GO!

    #3-The entire Handle bar control set AND rear V brakes, front and rear Sachs red and black 8 speed twist shifters, matching hand grips, Compact style forged V brake levers, 2 "J" bend brake noodles, the rear V brake arms and springs with the brake shoes(did i mention the shoes still look new?)

    All this well oiled mechanical goodness can be yours for only $300.00 plus shipping.

    Id prefer to sell it all in one shot, but hit me up, maybe ill part it out or consider a trade.
    (got any 29er or 700c frames or parts you aint usin?)

    If you have a "Y" bike and buy it all, ill even throw in the rear shock for free, But I wanna see pics! lol

    This is all going into my next project
    "THE ELECTRO BEASTY" stay tuned.
    (dang LiPo battery's are expensive!)
    Please Hit me up in PM about this one, I wont answer in thread.
    Check out the pics, feel free to drool.

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