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castor oil & raceing fuel!



i dont know if anybody has adressed the topic before? but here we go! has anybody used a good castor based oil after break in with these motors?i use klotz raceing castor with 116 purple raceing fuel i get from the local speed shop, what a difference in performance!! burns very clean with no carbon build up on piston!this is in a 49cc pocket bike motor . made in china with chrome plated cylnder.



I think the racing fuel is a waste of money since we don't need high octane fuel.

If you can get castor that doesn't leave any residue or carbon build up, that would be the best oil you can use, bar none. Plus it smells awesome!


Yes, racing fuel will make you go faster only because your wallet is lighter. Castor oil is superior but will never burn cleaner than regular 2 stroke oil. Eventually, castor will leave a varnish buildup on the engine internals, yes, even degummed, 1st bean press, castor oil