Catch Cans???

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    Does anyone know how to install a catch can on a 6.5hp motor. What are the benefits and how does it work?

  2. butterbean

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    Basically, a catch can is something that is good to use if you want to disconnect your pcv (positive crankcase ventilation). Pcv is when you have a tube connected from your valve cover to your carburetor, and it's supposed to suck up some of the blow-by and return it to the combustion chamber. What I found on my 98cc engine was that it mostly filled the carb bowl and air filter with dirt and junk, so I disconnected it. All you need to do to install a catch can is mount it somewhere below the engine and attach a long enough fuel line from the valve cover hole to the catch can.
  3. butterbean

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    The benefit of a catch can is not leaking oil all over the road or your ride.
  4. HeadSmess

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    and coupled to all that.

    its just a tin. the crankcase on a fourstroke is full of air and oil. when its running, that oil is turned to mist.

    the piston going up and down turns the crankcase into a pump. air goes in, air goes out. on a multi cylinder, therell be a pcv with breather hose to air intake or catch can.

    on a small engine its usually a hose from a "dry" place in the crankcase(rocker cover etc, only oil mist) to a connector on the carb/aircleaner.

    robin subaru do use a pcv type valve on the lil engines. makes using different aircleaners tricky... its necessary and cant be removed! but they still have a breather ;)

    any oil that is blown through is simply ingested and burnt. that does tend to make plugs go black and smoke things up. ikky. the whole thing leaks and gets yukky.

    so block off the hole on the carb. run the hose to a fairly large tin instead... make it a fair bit bigger than the cylinder capacity... alloy drink flask would do.

    you have to do this if you change the aircleaner and or carb from stock anyway.

    the tin wants some internal baffles,(lots of stainless scourer pads? drilled pipe? etc...) an easy way to drain it occasionally (or permanent return to engine sump) and its own breather hole.

    you do not want to close the breather hose off if it was open in the first place.
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    You can make a catch can or buy one. I got mine on ebay for around $16 shipped. It's made for a go-kart and designed to mount to apart of the go-kart frame called the nerf bar, but it can also be clamped to a bike frame quite easily. It has a nipple on top for connecting the breather hose, a vent tube on the side, and a drain plug on the bottom. I don't know how much oil a 6.5 hp engine will push out, but my 98cc engine does not push very much out. In about two months of putting about 25 miles a week on the bike, the catch can collected less than a half ounce of oil.
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    The guy asked a question about catch cans, I answered it. Now settle yourself down.
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    Ok thanks butterbean..but i was a bit confused when the word illegal came into play....but thanks for the helped a bunch.
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    Ok thanks butterbean..but i was a bit confused when the word illegal came into play....but thanks for the helped a bunch.