Cause of MB Crash Was ?

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  1. Mountainman

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    In the hope of saving other MB riders from some of the pain brought to ourselfs and others while involved in accidents either caused by others or ourselfs --

    a thread to discuss --

    what caused MB accident ?
    what happened in MB accident ?
    why ?
    to avoid - what could have been done ?
    error due to person or persons or machine ?

    PLEASE -- stories involving MB accidents only...

    Hoping to help other MB riders - avoid what has happened to us...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hi Mountainman,

    A safety thread is never a bad idea. I don't have much to contribute, though.
    I've only been motorized since April, 2008. But I'm a lifelong bicyclist. I remember wrecking a bike when I was about 15 yrs old. And I had a slideout at about 30. Took a turn a bit too fast on gravel.

    I guess I've got a pretty good safety record. My secret? Don't be in a hurry.

    Best of luck to all.
  3. jchamp

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    just yesterday

    On my to work I was run down by a high school girl while she was talking on her cell phone. She came from behind and took a right turn right in front of me. She ran over my front forks and continued driving to the gas pump. She didn't even know she hit me. My arm is now broke from the fall and my body is all banged up. Luckily the gas station was packed and the were plenty of witnesses but how can you run over someone and not know it. The cops loved my bike, what was left of it, and I loved the fact that I was legal. Anyway I had adjusted my brakes the night before and they were tight, there was nothing I could have done except not ride. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. You never know who is driving. My bike is trashed for now But I'm already thing of what I'm going to do with my settlement money. OH YEAH!!!
  4. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    We have no stats, but:

    1) Blown tires?
    2) Stupid, blind, ignorant, intoxicated people driving cars?
    3) Bad brakes?
    4) Mechanical failure or engine, frame, etc?
    5) Speed too high for conditions?
    6) ?????
  5. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Rain and wet roads, ( 2 falls to date, front wheel slippage both times )
  6. SirJakesus

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    My only MB crash was from 3 or more years ago when I first motorized my Raleigh MTB with a kings happytime engine. I had the same old brake pads on the bike for god knows how long as I'd owned it since I was about 14. One of my siblings was screwing around with me when I was riding down the road. When we got into danger proximity he started doing the squirrel in the road maneuver rather than just choosing to move to the side of the road and there was no time to stop. I collided with the moron by clipping him with my left handlebar. The bike wheel instantly turned sideways and tacoed as I did the superman and a front flip off the bike. Must have landed a good 15+ feet from meathead and my beaten up bike but I somehow landed on my back with just the right roll to escape without a scratch. The only thing I noticed a few days later were a couple large bruises on my upper theigh. I'm assuming its where I hit the handlebar that sent me into the skin saving front flip rather than a flat catapult.
    So, I'm very big on brake maintenance now and slowing down when I sense idiots in the area. Other than this crash I hadn't spilled a bike since I was a lot younger and crazier. The trick is to have the right equipment, maintain the right speed for the conditions, be extremely careful in turns especially tight ones and simply don't push the abilities of yourself and your bike.
  7. Pablo

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    I forgot root bumps.
  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    ok - wanted to keep this thread clean - to the topic

    thinking way back in time
    small motor bike I was riding -- pretty darn fast
    hit a rut in dirt road -- over the handlebars -- knocked out

    now I will also mention a motor cycle crash many years later
    once again riding in the dirt - hit cross rut too fast - over the bars - out cold

    yes - those ruts in the road -- mean much to me today...

    just one more of too many comes to mind
    while crossing railroad tracks -- please be careful
    learned the hard way
    those dang things are slippery -- especially when wet.

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  9. I have many years of motorcycle experience. Point blank, cagers have their heads everywhere but on the road. These days, it's even worse with people TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!

    For MB's, all the hazards of MC's PLUS, chain jams on HT's, or other mechanicals, and, people don't expect 30mph bicycles. SLOW DOWN! All this talk of guys trying to get 40mph, tiny sprokets, nitro methane, turbo chargers, blowers, rocket assist... you are making me nervous. Slow down, enjoy the ride, go slow enuf to show off your unusual machine. People love 'em!
  10. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    Going too fast while turning at over 20mph while showing off - hit a curb and bent BOTH rims, but I flew over the handlebars and didn't get hurt. I bent the rims back and kept riding. Later that same night, I was arrested by a cop because he mistakenly thought my Motored Bike trailer was me stealing a Pressure Washer while pedaling at 40+ and I was hurt because he threw me on the ground and skinned up my stomach on the road.

    Going fast on curve at 30+Mph, looked back at car following too closely behind me because I thought it was a cop, instead it was an old lady with an Impala - I crashed into two sign posts, (which saved me from going in a creek) and hit the road and got cuts and scars on arms and legs, and had to take apart and rebuild carburetor because gas was spilling on the road, bent the front rim, but I'm OK now and still riding the BEAST!
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  11. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    That's messed up. People texting while driving is absurd, and if anyone crashes into me doing that, they will get a metal bar across their windshield!
  12. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    wow - that comment reminds me of me
    when I was younger anyway - one day at a time - working on it

    yes - I have seen more of that than I wish to share
    thank God no one died -- including me
    hard to be Mountainman having fun on MB ride
    when you are dead

    road rage is not what it used to be
    guys and gals used to give the bird - then politely pull over
    for a nice meeting of some fist to the heads
    then blew each other a kiss -- as they drove away


    when cut off -- I still at times -- scream out a thing or two
    but also must remember -- OLD GUY DON'T WANT TO GO TO JAIL...

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  13. what caused MB accident ?
    Deaf guy making a right on red didn't see me frantically waving and yelling at him.
    what happened in MB accident ?
    Smaked Cronus and me something wicked
    why ?
    Because he didn't see or hear me
    to avoid - what could have been done ?
    Make sure driver sees me before crossing the road regardless of what the traffic signal says.
    error due to person or persons or machine ?
    Driver looked left for cars when making a right on red never looked right for pedestrians.
    I didn't ensure driver sees me thought if I yelled he would didn't anticipate he was deaf.
    Also I assumed that he saw me. I need to remind myself that ALL DRIVERS ARE #@$%^#. Yes. ALL DRIVERS. That way I would continue my life with FULL CAUTION.
  14. psmcd

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    I don't need any more crash experience - I'll apply all my motorcycle exp and try to avoid any new. What I would share for others to keep in mind:

    First rain in awhile - dirt and oils make road especially slick.

    Other wet road concerns; painted lines, manhole covers, tracks, leaves etc. washed into road.

    Insufficient light, more speed than sight. Potholes etc. are much worse when you don't see them. Obstacles you might roll over with anticipation take you down when you're not prepared. Oncoming car lights can limit visibility of dark objects at side of road - like a trash can or box put out for pickup.

    Distraction - stop if you want to study a sight, riding requires full time attention. Quick peripheral glances at your own risk. Risk of distraction is directly proportional to speed, bigger, badder things happen faster.

    Look past or between obstacles - we tend to go where we look. Also, looking over your shoulder alters your path, use mirrors and do the over shoulder only when your path is clear.

    Euphoria - is great. Easily induced by riding bikes, mbs, motorcycles, horses, etc. But it can mess with your attention and self-preservation. Feel good, think safe.

    Riding is not driving. It's an active, athletic endeavor even if you're cruising. There's a lot of sensory input that should stimulate your nervous system. This is more feel good and be more alive. Your reflexes and balance, muscle tone and awareness should be near peak when riding. This is what will keep you safe. Remember when you stop all this spools down, give it time to spool up again after a stop.

    Ride more, have fun, be safe.

    Thanks for this thread Mtn Man. I hope lots of people contribute and even more keep reading it. Practice awareness, the euphoria comes naturally.
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  15. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    psmcd -- you are very welcome

    I sure did enjoy reading your thoughts shared -- good sound SAFTY points...
    I have re-read your comments a few times --
    Sometimes while riding - my mind does wonder - MUST BE CAREFUL !!!

    That may be the key - for me anyway
    Enjoying the MB ride and all sights to be seen
    but - at the same time - paying close attention to the job at hand - safe riding

    Can be = a full time job for the Mountainman
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  16. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    What caused accident? Idiot doing cookies in the parking lot.

    What happened in accident? I got tossed off the trike and received a beauty of a hip pointer (and some painful ribs).

    Why? Because I never grew up.

    To avoid - What could have been done? Don't squeeze the throttle so hard. Remember I'm too old to be playing like that (fat chance).

    Error due to? - Mea Culpa. Maxima Mea Culpa. Oh well.
  17. graucho

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    Not on a MB but this was my most painful without a shirt.
    It was years ago riding past the University of Minn on a hot sunny day.
    Lots of T and A. Never, never ride a bike when on a hooter alert.
    Yes, there was a parked car. 20mph to 0 in zero seconds.
    I deserved everything I got. Especially since the wife was on a bike
    behind me. It took her a 1/2 hr. to pick the rocks out while listening to her
    laugh as I was in pain. This was the start of wearing a helmet and shirt.

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  18. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    Wow, that rim and your injuries look bad for just pedaling a bike!
  19. flyer1

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    ouch !!

    My sole accident/crash was largely due to my own carelessness.I mostly use the multi-use path for safety reasons as well as convenience.From N.Y. originally I have never seen such incompetent or just simply lazy drivers as I see here in Az.Anyway, I was attempting to overtake a car in a parking lot when the driver quick pulled into a parking space,forcing me to lock"em up and when I encountered some loose gravel in the process,it was all over.Damaged cartilage in wrist,deep thigh bruise with hematoma,misc scrapes.I don't blame the driver,I should have passed on the left.My brakes were also out of adjustment (laziness,heat?).The most significant dangers I notice are.Turns at speed-loose gravel,oil on road,rain (not in Az.),inadequate tire pressure can all be issues.Cars- stay away from them,even with the pedestrian light green they just keep coming,many people are simply poor drivers-need to be exretmely defensive.Low light situations-the visibiltiy issue seems to be extremely exagerated-use lights or caution.Excessive speed-25-28mph seems very "comfortable" to me but things happen quickly.I need to constantly remind myself to slow down.Obviously we all run the risk of serious injury using MB'S and need to be cognizant of the many "hazards" while we ride.
  20. bluegoatwoods

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    Sorry to be a spoilsport, but I've got to agree with Donald M. Haney on something;

    The talk I see here about getting maximum speed, tweaking performance, etc makes me nervous, too.

    really, it's just begging for trouble to operate these at more than one-small-notch (emphasize SMALL NOTCH) above pedal bicycle speeds.

    Go pretty slow. It's your best defense.

    Maintenance becomes a much smaller issue, too.