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My online banking account yesterday showed a major money withdrawal made by Paypal on a purchase that even Paypal itself could not find.I don't know how other banks work but B of A actually hooked us into a 3-way and they get Paypal on the line fast. All was corrected and re-credit is being processed. The reason I post the event here is because just by coincidence,I've used my card only for small 7-11 purchases and online at several (these remain un named) sites pertaining to this hobby.
Paypal noted the temporary account that was made by the card user and it corresponded to only hours around the same time several bicycle related sites would have had my number in processing mode before sending the usual shipment email confirmation.Paypal is watching for any related activity from the sites that were holding my numbers in process prior to completing the sale. Obviously all of the events could certainly be simply coincedental and circumstantial however, just by dumb luck it has helped Paypal's research due to the card activity within the last week or so being exclusivily aimed at bicycle related sites. If you use your card online at any hobby related site,just keep a heads up to note where your card was in open processing status in the event of fraudulent Paypal charges taken from your account on or about that same time.
I don't have anything else to add or comment on about this activity and although Paypal may isolate the exact location it won't be conveyed to me. It goes without saying that the bank instantly made that card inoperative, so the only real setback was a few automatic charges I have online,plus resetting your Ebay and Paypal type info.
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If you are using Windows and have not done so already, I suggest you check the security on your own PC first (do two different spyware scans and a native virus scan [do not use the free online virus scanner] ).