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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Ralord197769, Jul 29, 2016.

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  1. Ralord197769

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    I'll start by saying the motors are fairly reliable,.... Other than that there are many cautionary steps to take before riding...especially going fast. First and most important is : CLUTCH CABLE, (need to upgrade to better cable), CHAIN, at high speed the chain is the most dangerous element, always check chain (sprocket) for tightness, also always keep in mind the chain can break, (also should upgrade.), REAR WHEEL, depending on quality of wheel, the spokes should be upgraded to thicker guage. ALWAYS perform a pre trip inspection, make sure motor mounts, head bolts, sprocket are tight and secure. Word to the wise,... Be careful making turns the front wheel can be tricky.
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  2. Like I always say have fun and be safe and wear your helmet
  3. bakaneko

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    You gotta be careful with that front wheel lock up from fender failing or whatever. I had the rear wheel lock up at 25 mph a few times and just skidded to a stop. If the front wheel locks up at 20 mph+ you are going for a nasty flip and injury. It seems if you are going in to a turn and your rear wheel locks up then it could get dicey. Long story short, I think the real danger is from the front wheel; I think back wheel mishap is recoverable.
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    Yes and perform normal greasing upkeep on bearings in the wheels as well, it's a pain so too many people just skip it, but it's also important to keep the steering wheel from steering you into the back of a parked car when the bearings blow out. At 20mph a blown bearing on the front wheel can take you 10 feet to the right in about 3 seconds. 10feet to the left can be even worse.