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    Good work CBF and those who made this legislation possible.

    Three basic changes that could benefit Illinois cyclists.

    SB0080 into law

    First: it gets a minium distance at which motorists must pass cyclists.
    625ILCS 5/11-703.
    Overtaking a vehicle on the left.
    (d) The operator of a motor vehicle over taking a bicycle or individual
    proceeding in the same direction on a highway shall leave a safe distance, but not less than 3 feet, when passing the bicycle or individual and shall
    maintian that distance until safely past the over taken bicycle or individual.

    Second, Illinois law now provides that a cyclist can signal a right hand turn with his/her right hand......To me this seems like common sense codified.
    Signaling a right turn with your right hand is more intuitive and clear than
    signaling a right turn with your left hand. I think lots of motorists probaly
    don't understand such a signal.
    625ILCS 5/11-806
    Method of giving hand and arm signals. All signals herein required given by
    hand and arm shall be given from the left side of the vehicle in the following manner and such signals shall indicate as follows:
    1) Left turn- Hand and arm extended horizonaly, and to the right side of the bicycle except that person operating a bicycle may extend the right hand and arm horizontally.
    2) Right turn- Hand and arm extended upward.
    3) Stop or decrease of speed-Hand and arm extended downward.

    Third, Illinois law now provides that a cyclist does not need to ride as close
    to the curb as practicable, but as close to the curb as practicable and safe...
    Presumably one could ride away from the curb as necessary for one's safety. Further, this law would not require bicyclists to ride close to the curb when doing so would mean riding in a right turn when the cyclist intends to go straight.
    625ILCS 5/11-1505
    Position of bicycles and motorized pedal cycles on roadways-Riding on roadways and bicycle paths.
    (a) Any person operating a bicycle or motorized pedal cycle upon a roadway at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall ride as close as practicable and safe to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except under the following conditions:
    1) When over taking and passing another bicycle, motorized pedal cycle or
    vehicle proceeding in the same direction; or
    2) When preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or
    driveway; or
    3) When reasonably necessary to avoid conditions including, but not limited to, fixed or moving objects, parked or moving vehicles, bicycles, motorized pedal cycles, pedestrians, animals, surface hazards, or substandard width
    lanes that make it unsafe, to continue along the right-hand curb or edge....
    For purposes of this subjection, a "substandard width lane" means a lane that is to narrow for a bicycle or motorized pedal cycle and a vehicle to travel safely side by side within the lane.
    4) When approaching a place where a right is authorized
    b) Any person operating or motorized pedal cycle upon a one-way highway
    with two or more marked traffic lanes may ride as near the left-hand curb or edge of such roadway as practicablle.

    These laws do give us an edge in case of an accident with an vehicle
    in a court of law if the laws are followed.

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    yes, that is good stuff.

    But who/what is cbf?
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    CBF- Chicagoland Bicycle Federation