USA CDH Power Reviews

Karl Snarl

Well-Known Member
Sep 20, 2019
My fav vendor of all of 'em. I spend some change with CDH. Always fast shipping, friendly people, quick to answer question, an always fast to rectify any thing damaged in shipping. Been doing business with them for years and have always been happy with my purchases. An I just ordered a bunch of stuff from them Monday and most of it showed up Thursday. The rest shows today, Friday. Fast shipping!!!

ADDITION : Last night I talked to my CDH rep, asking to buy some decals to replace my scratched ones. They offered to send them free with my next order, and gave me 10% off on the next order. Then sent me two offers on the things I was going to get next for building an engine. I want to practice building these, only took one completely apart and back together. I need more practice installing cranks. So of course with all that savings, I'm going to buy!! An I have just put my order in.

Lil De

New Member
Jun 25, 2022
Bought a piston with rings from them a few months back and I got to admit these people are the best in the industry. They know what you're talking about, (if you know the difference in the piston holes you know what I mean), and the quality of the pistons that I got completely amazed me I didn't really want to put it in the 80cc engine it was that nice. The story shipping I ordered it Tuesday got it the very next day.
I'm looking to buy a new motor right now and this is where I'm going to CDH power and I strongly suggest if you won't quality good service you do the same.