CDH66 vs Nasty Jack

Chiron TL-34

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2:53 PM
Jan 31, 2023
Hey guys, I have a 66cc with a CDH66 and I was curious if anyone knows how that pipe would compare to the illustrious nasty jack.

I'm getting a cheap yd100 off of ebay so my buddy can ride with me, and I just can't do the man dirty with that stock exhaust so I was wondering if I should get another cdh66 or the nasty jack, as they seem to be the best economy performance pipes.

Any advice/recommendations is greatly appreciated!!
What is the cdh87?
It's a CDH88, kind of a jog type pipe.

CDH66 is the same as a Nasty Jack.

Both a good little noise makers.
I can only speak to my experience with CDH qualiyy, but I have heard from others that have bought the nasty jack pipe that the quality isn't too great. The CDH pipes tend to be a little better in terms of build quality. CDH also has a variety of pipe styles, including both the long header clone pipes, and the "WC80" style clones with the larger, shorter head pipe like the real MZ65 pipes.