CDI blown 3 times!


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Jun 18, 2008
I got an 80cc 2-cycle engine off of ebay. I have gone through 3 CDI'S in the past few weeks. Everytime it works for a little while (about 5 minutes) and then shuts off, never to work again, until I replace the CDI. The first 2 were new and the last one had been on another motor for about a year. Why would my motor kill it after 5 minutes when it worked so well on the other one? Where is the best site to order a replacement? I want a motor on my bike so bad but am about ready to call it quits...any ideas?
You either have a short somewhere, kill switch maybe, or your magneto is bad as is frying your CDI's.
CDI problems

Had a similar problem due to moisture (I think) Read a post here that some one found *whiskers* of wire on his mag coil. Just a thought.....spray the coil with insulating electrical paint after removing any obvious whiskers. Sure seems like There is a problem other than the components themselves. If it works, I might dust off the old HT again.
yea, I don't even have the kill switch hooked up so its not that, plusits not a short since all wires are connected correctly and insulated. I too would guess its the magneto. What is a good site to order replacement parts?
I get my stuff from DAX but there's a lot of vendors that can get you a magneto. I think they are pretty universal among all the 2 strokes.
That is truly weird. When you have an electrical problem 9 out of 10 times it's the magneto. Strange how your coil blew three times. It could only be that magneto doing this.
These are rather simple engines.
Unfortunately these little engines are made by untrained hands. I suspect the little hand that was running the machine that wound the coil on the inside of the engine left it too long on the machine, and you got too many winds. It sounds like it is putting out too much voltage. I think if you were to run a headlight all the time you might be OK, but if the light burnt out it would probably fry the coil again. Just my two cents. Have fun, Dave