CDI hop up ignition?

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    I have been running my little 70cc frame mount motor for three years now. Top end is around 25. 28 would be better with some lowend torque added in for the little hills I run into around here.
    Is there a hotter ignition box and would it help with what I want?
    thanx all

  2. HI,
    I've been looking for a better ignition too but have not had much luck in locating a better CDI module....Some people have replaced the plug wire and Plug and claim a better running engine....I'm not sure how much more power or speed was achieved through this method tho...
  3. RedGreen,for low end torque I got a metal core wire and a boost bottle.
    Can you say maintain 5 mph engine purring smooth like Harley with lots of low end grunt take off at just a twist of the throttle no missing at all just smooth?
    Check it.
    Wire core wire thread:
    Boost Bottle thread:
    People have also experimented with spark plugs but I personally found little difference:

    I'm guessing down the road Accel or someone will make a high performance magneto and coil for this puppy but for now,there just isn't anything out there it seems.
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    I have to go with Large on this one, NGK B6HS plug at .030 gap. Get a good 6 or 7 mm plug wire from an auto parts store. A boost bottle (I ordered the intake with it, that had the intake barb already screwed in. Way easier for the money)

    Make sure your carb is secured with no leaks. Mine seems to run very smooth and extra HP at slower speeds. I have a heavy cruiser and it goes up hills with ease.
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  5. BSA

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    Does anyone thing it's possible to mount a flywheel magneto with a decent lighting coi land points ingnition rather than a cdi

  6. You mean like in motorcycle 2 stroke dirt bikes?
    Anything is possible.
    I wonder too if it would work.
  7. RedGreen

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    Ahh, now I see. I will give it a try, afterall it couldn't hurt.