CDI igniter, high voltage plug wire snapped off loss of speed need help!!



Hi everyone,
So I got the 80cc kit from kings bikes and have been having a time with it! It has been pretty awesome and I think that I have broken it in well. So anyway, it was speeding up great but then the engine pulled so far to the left that it went off the diagonal lower under bar and the front of the engine spun to the left, of course stopping everything. This is because I had only secured the engine with the clasps on the verticle frame under the bike seat and not on the diagonal (with the bolt). I now have it attached with the bold on the diagonal too.

Anyway, beforehand, the engine was gaining power more and more as I rode it- it could do a good 20mph. When the engine suddenly jolted turned towards the left and everthing stopped, I noticed that the high voltage plug wire that connects to the CDI had been (I think) ripped out of the CDI. I can put the cord into the CDI by hand, but the bike seems to be struggling (it only goes around 10-15 mph now or else it gets real loud and sounds bad) and I am wondering if it being in there loosely is the reason for this. Do I need to soulder the chord to the CDI unit? Was it connected originally? I noticed that on the thatsdax website they sell the CDI and the high voltage plug wire separately; shouldn't this mean that I should be able to just put the wire cable into the CDI kinda loosely and it will work?

Why else has my bike lost so much power??
Do I have to get a completely new CDI and soulder the lines together again? Are the high voltage plug wire and CDI connected completely in the first place, or is the line just put into the CDI in the first place kinda loosely? I don't remember how I put it together if it came together or seperately, but I have a feeling that they were attached originally.

Can I solder the line to the CDI?

ps I also have a different screw for the idler--the other one came off so I just put this one in all the way so that it does not come off.

:cool:Seth, the CDI on my 80cc kits always fall out, while i'm repositioning the twin engines during mockup. if you look into the CDI hole where the wire goes, the plug wire is secured by a sharp threaded post, like a threaded thumb tack.

screw it back on.

Thanks. That is awesome that I don't have to buy a new chord or whole cdi set. So the chord can be plugged in to both the spark plug and the little hole on the CDI? That is good, and I did notice that it does not fall out really any more so that's nice. So I just turn and screw the wire from the opposite side of the spark plug part of the wire into the CDI?


Also, if I am just using a screw for the idler unit is that ok or do I need to get the exact screw? Am i going to burn the engine out?

Must I use synthetic? I accidentally have been using regular 2 stroke and I am going to shift to the dinosuar then blend then synthetic.

My engine just does not feel right, and sometimes it kinda flutters when trying to accellerate and does so very slow. I feel like it is burning up.

I just refitted the engine with this screw and I think that It might be causing a lot of vibration. Can vibrations really slow down your engine a lot? Can using the wrong fuel / regular oil instead of synthetic??

Hey, thanks so much for the help.
geez, gotta search more, especially before starting a new topic:

all those other questions are answered, too...except for the idle screw question...the screw has to contact the bevel on the slide in order to be effective, see the "happy time owner's manual" for pics that will help you understand that.

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